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Chapter 2076: Nice White Cabbage Chomped on by a Pig

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Shi Nancang had a vague guess in his heart.

Instantly, his expression soured.

Shi Nancang guessed it, and Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin also guessed it soon.

The feelings of these three were extremely conflicted.

Shi Xiaoya was a grown-up woman now.

Being together with Han Zhuoling, this was an adult relationship.

And Han Zhuoling was a mature man who was with his girlfriend.

If you were told that the two of them were especially innocent and did not go beyond normal conventions, no one would believe such words.

Han Zhuoling was a grown man; he would surely have his needs.

When their relationship reached a certain level, they would reach that step sooner or later too.

And, for a man like Han Zhuoling, the average woman was easily not a match for him.

Let alone Shi Xiaoya, who would only behave like an angry cat flaring its fur and baring its nails when you provoked her.

Normally, her personality was unbelievably soft.

How would she be a match against Han Zhuoling

Han Zhuoling was like a silent lion who would suddenly bite you and take you home in his mouth.

So, the three of them knew that this day would come sooner or later.

But knowing it was one thing.

They were still not mentally prepared for it.

Because this day came a little too soon.

The three of them felt really conflicted deep down.

They knew that they were all adults and there was no need to interfere.

But she was still their daughter and younger sister.

It just felt a little off.

A nice white cabbage had been chomped on by a pig.

She had really been chomped on.

But the Shi family trio still had positive thoughts.

Perhaps they were not yet staying together.

Anyway, they had not heard Shi Xiaoyas answer, right

As for Shi Xiaoya, when she heard Shi Nancangs words, she did not know how to reply for a moment.

To put it more accurately, she felt too embarrassed to reply.

And right now, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, as well as Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei, were also around.

There were so many people.

Shi Xiaoyas face heated up as she quietly threw a glare at Shi Nancang.

Could he not ask in front of so many people Couldnt he have asked in private afterward

Alas, it was very difficult for Shi Nancang to receive her signal.

Han Zhuoling said, “Uncle, Auntie, Xiaoya and I are living together.”

Du Yiqin did not think of anything else.

Her first question was actually, “Then where are the two of you staying right now”

Shi Xiaoya said frankly, “At my place.”

Shi Nancangs eyes twitched.

When he heard Shi Xiaoya say that, people who did not know would think that the great First Young Master Han was staying at her place and living off of her.

Du Yiqin did not think too much about it and continued to ask, “Is there enough space in your house Wont it be a bit small for two people to live in”

Han Zhuoling instantly felt that Shi Xiaoyas personality was more likely to resemble Du Yiqins.

Most of the time, they were quite out of it, and it was quite interesting.

The corners of Shi Nancangs mouth twitched as he could not help but say, “Mom, is this a matter of whether they have enough space to live or not”

They definitely had enough space to live.

Shi Nancang thought about it moodily.

Staying in the same bedroom as her younger sister, could he not have enough space

“Why not” Du Yiqin did not have that kind of “white cabbage getting chomped on” mentality that Shi Nancang and Shi Guanzhong had.

The way a mother-in-law sees a son-in-law was just different from the way a father-in-law sees a son-in-law.

The father-in-law will always want to make things difficult for the son-in-law and feel his heart ache for his precious daughter.

But the more the mother-in-law looked at the son-in-law, the more satisfied she became.

With regards to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya living together, Du Yiqin had the highest acceptance of it among the three of them.

“Think about it, Xiaoyas home only has a total of three rooms.

One is her study, one is turned into her dressing room, the other is the bedroom.”

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