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Chapter 2083: Said I Was Cute Like This

“In the end, you got yourself all bloodied, and you implicated me on top of it!”

Jiang Yujie listened by the side and lowered her eyes, concealing the look in her eyes.

Lu Qiyuan was just a selfish man.

“No,” Xia Qingyang quickly explained, “I analyzed it beforehand too, or else I wouldnt have gone to look for Xia Qingwei out of the blue.

You… you saw the news online, so you should know what reason I used to go there.”

Xia Qingyangs words actually seemed to verify his earlier guess.

Lu Qiyuan even gloated that he was right.

Xia Qingyangs petty thoughts indeed could not escape his eyes.

Yet he did not know that Xia Qingyang actually used his conceitedness against him fully to hide her true intentions.

At this moment, when he heard Xia Qingyang say that, Lu Qiyuan got even angrier.

“If you want to go and find trouble with Xia Qingwei, why did you drag my name into this You think Im not embarrassed enough That reason of yours, is that anything to be proud of You just throw any kind of sh*t at me as you please!”

Xia Qingyang pursed her lips in disdain.

He was having an affair to begin with.

She did not actually wrong him on this.

“Dont you know how to use your brains to think Given Xia Qingweis age, and given how Ive already been divorced from her for more than 20 years, if I really wanted to go back to her, do I need to wait for so long” Lu Qiyuan said.

“After how I treated you in the past, you now smear me like this just because you wanted to find trouble with Xia Qingwei! If you want to find trouble with Xia Qingwei, you can go do it yourself, dont drag me into it!”

“I… I was just thinking that… I know its fake, and Xia Qingwei and the rest, they all know it too.

But even if its fake, they wouldnt say it out to protect Xia Qingweis reputation.

After all, this kind of thing, no one can explain it clearly.

Those people who liked to see drama will definitely implicate Xia Qingwei in this.

“I thought very carefully about it before I went to do it.

I couldnt possibly take your reputation lightly,” Xia Qingyang explained.

“Who knew Lu Man would come up with this move”

After Xia Qingyang explained, Lu Qiyuan just got even more angry.

“Thats why I said youre stupid.

You think youre all that great! You cant even think of what Lu Man will do, and you still want to scheme against other people If someone is dumb, they need to have self-awareness about it.

Dont implicate me in this!”

Ever since Xia Qingyang found out that Lu Qiyuan was having an affair, she had been holding it in all along.

Even at this moment, she did not get angry anymore.

But she was already very unhappy with Lu Qiyuan deep down.

Wasnt he basically saying that he did not want to be implicated

From start to end, all Lu Qiyuan thought of was himself.

Yes, Lu Qiyuan actually thought previously that Lu Qi resembled Xia Qingyang.

But Xia Qingyang also felt that Lu Qi followed in Lu Qiyuans footsteps and became just as selfish and self-interested.

“Im warning you, dont come up with this kind of thing again!” Lu Qiyuan warned.

“You think youre the only one embarrassing yourself Any three of us in our family, no matter who got into a bad situation, the others would have to be embarrassed as well!”

Xia Qingyang thought to herself that she had to hold back her temper first lest she raised alarm.

Alas, Lu Qiyuan was actually not done!

He scolded her like there was no end to it.

Every sentence had the word “stupid” in it.

He really did not treat her like a person anymore!

“You think Im embarrassing now” Xia Qingyang said while laughing coldly.

“Arent you just tired of me The moment you get annoyed with me, whatever I do, you just cant stand it.

I am stupid, you knew it from the start.”

If she was smart, could she have taken a liking to him

“But you didnt think I was stupid in the past, you even said I was cute like this.”

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