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Chapter 2086: Very Popular with Boys Since She Was Young

He caressed her back gently as he consoled, “Dont be scared.

Now that my guard is up, I wont let them get their way.

“So you see, she is my wife, but she is constantly thinking of scheming against me.

And me, I have to constantly guard against her.

What kind of husband and wife are we I am already very tired of this,” Lu Qiyuan said.

Jiang Yujie nodded.

“I know.

I wont let my thoughts run wild about this.”

She lifted her head and looked all dependent on him as she said, “Ill do whatever you say.

Ill listen to you on everything.”

Look at this soft personality, so kind and understanding.

Even the words she spoke comforted his heart.

Lu Qiyuan patted her back and said, “Now, lets start planning first, but I cant divorce her immediately.

I need to wait until Ive investigated the issues with the company thoroughly first.

“Dont worry, it wont take very long,” Lu Qiyuan promised Jiang Yujie.

“Trust me, I wont let you suffer.”

Jiang Yujie nodded trustfully and said, “I naturally trust you.

If I dont trust you, who else can I trust”

Lu Qiyuan then laughed in satisfaction.


Lets not talk about Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang starting to investigate each other and scheming against each other for now.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya arrived back home.

The moment Shi Xiaoya went home, she immediately went to take her pajamas and rushed into the bathroom.

As if there was someone chasing her from behind.

Han Zhuoling could not help but want to laugh.

After truly cohabiting with her, he then started to notice her small habits in her daily life bit by bit.

Like when she came back home after busying herself for the whole day.

No matter how tired she was, she had to first go and bathe and change into loose and comfortable home clothes or pajamas to let herself relax.

She would also remove her makeup at the first instance.

According to Shi Xiaoya, this was to let her skin breathe again as soon as possible.

This was a very vivid metaphor, so without her explaining further, he could understand as well.

After all, his own girlfriend was a makeup goddess.

Ever since he started living with her, Han Zhuolings favorite thing to do every morning would be to wake her up.

His second most favorite thing would be to watch her do her makeup.

He felt that even just watching Shi Xiaoya put on makeup was a form of enjoyment.

Of course, this feeling was only towards Shi Xiaoya.

To others, he did not have such feelings.

He did not even like looking at them.

But as a dense man, Han Zhuoling even learned about the steps in a ladys makeup routine, as well as the kind of products that were used.

There were layers and layers.

It indeed gave a feeling that the skin was unable to breathe.

When Shi Xiaoya packed everything properly and was clean and tidy, she returned to the bedroom feeling fresh and clean.

Han Zhuoling was long done with washing up and was sitting on the bed to read a book.

When he saw Shi Xiaoya come back, he then put the book on the bedside table beside him.

Shi Xiaoya had not sensed the danger and was getting on the bed with a face full of innocence.

In the end, she heard Han Zhuolings voice ring out from behind her, “Today, Mom said that you have been very popular with boys since you were young, hmm”

“…” Shi Xiaoya got goosebumps all of a sudden.

When she turned around, she saw Han Zhuoling staring at her with a half-smile on his face.

His demeanor made Shi Xiaoya way too nervous.

Shi Xiaoya felt nervous being stared at by him, and she felt her throat run dry.

She thought to herself that this matter was from such a long-ago time.

But setting aside the point about her childhood, which would probably be one or two decades past…

Just talking about today when Du Yiqin brought up her childhood matters to tease and make fun of at dinner today…

It had been one whole night already, and he did not mention it on the way back.

Previously, when Du Yiqin finished talking about that, although Shi Xiaoya felt quite embarrassed, she forgot about it afterward and did not take it to heart.

Who knew that Han Zhuoling actually kept his mind on it all this time

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