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Chapter 2092: Have a Crush on Him

“Who would be disdainful of a young wife”

Shi Xiaoya gave him a look that said “good that you know,” and it made Han Zhuoling elated.

Han Zhuoling then explained, “I was just thinking, if our ages were a little closer, we might have been able to meet each other when we were young.”

“How is that possible” Shi Xiaoya scrunched her nose a little.

“You were so cold and arrogant then.

You wont have given me a second look.”

But if the two of them were a little closer in age, she might also have secretly had a crush on him.

Have a crush on him.

But given his attitude at the time, it would be destined to die without a cause.

“Do you have photographs of yourself when you were in school” Shi Xiaoya asked him.

“I do, but its at the family home.

My mom has some of them too,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“When I was young I stayed at the family home frequently.

At that time, I was with Zhuoli and Zhuofeng.

We were all at the family home.

Zhuofeng has always been quite hyperactive and odd, whereas my personality—”

Han Zhuoling thought about it and felt that it was better if he did not judge himself.

Indeed, this man also realized that his personality was extremely cold.

“Anyway, when I was young, Zhuofeng always said that being together with me was no fun, and there was no way we could play together,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“And Zhuoli is the only child in their family, so there was no point for him being alone.

So, might as well, the three of us brothers all gather at the family home together.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, no wonder the three of them were so close.

It was evident that the things that Han Dongping did previously that were disliked by the Han Family were nothing new.

It was definitely inevitable that it would sow discord between their brotherly relations and make Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofeng band together and harbor some sort of animosity towards Han Zhuoli.

But even so, the three brothers were not influenced by Han Dongping, and their relationship was still very good.

So it was actually because they had been together at the family home since they were young.

Perhaps it was also because the two elderly people had foresight, and that was why they let the three brothers play together in a friendly manner from a young age and did not let them get influenced by Han Dongping.

“At the family home back then, Grandma took many photos of us,” Han Zhuoling said.

If hed been the only one there, he would not have liked taking those pictures.

“That was why the photographs were all left at the family home.”

“Then when we go next time, you show them to me,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Okay,” Han Zhuoling naturally agreed.

His eyes seemed to glow as he stared at her and asked, “What about yours”

“What” Shi Xiaoya had not reacted yet as her mind was still preoccupied with thinking about how he looked like in his teenage years.

She wondered how different it was from now.

She also pondered about how young and tender he looked at the time.

“You want to see my photos when I was young,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Then what about your photos”

Although she was just a tiny little girl at the time, he was still curious as well.

He wanted to know how cute she was when she was young.

Shi Xiaoya was naturally not petty and said happily, “My photos are also at my parents place.

When we go back, Ill find them for you.”

Han Zhuoling nodded happily and suddenly said, “Then lets continue talking.

When you were in senior high, were there any boys that deliberately got close to you”

Shi Xiaoya: “”

Did they not agree to not bring this up anymore

Shi Xiaoya bared her teeth at him again.

Han Zhuoling felt that it was a pity Shi Xiaoyas teeth were too neat and straight.

Or else, if her canine teeth stuck out a little, she would really fit the look when she bared her teeth.

To shut Han Zhuoling up, Shi Xiaoya suddenly hoisted herself up and moved upwards, kissing him directly.


Why did he have so many questions!

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