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Chapter 2099: Daring

“Silly girl, why are you beating around the bush” Du Yiqin poked her forehead and said, “Youre busy with work usually.

Forget cooking for us, even when you were staying here alone, how many times did you cook for yourself Dont you always order takeout as well

“Even if you stay together with Zhuoling, most of the time, its the helper doing the cooking usually, right” Du Yiqin said.

“And lets not talk about you.

Even a normal familys daughter, when at their parents home, arent they always being pampered by their parents At home, they really wont let them do a single bit of housework.

Its only after marriage that they have to cook for their husband and children and do housework.

“Are they all unfilial, then Its just us as parents feeling bad for our daughter.

Dont be so formal and beat yourself up about it in the process.

You cooking a few times personally for us is already very good.

If you do it too many times, we wont be able to bear to let you,” Du Yiqin then rubbed the reddened spot on Shi Xiaoyas forehead where she had just poked her.

She knew that Shi Xiaoyas skin would redden easily.

Du Yiqin knew very well how much force she used when poking her and naturally would not bear to really poke her hard.

When she saw the red mark on Shi Xiaoyas forehead, she still could not help but feel her heart ache.

She massaged it twice while saying, “To us as parents, as long as our children are doing well, dont need us to worry about them, and have nothing that makes us anxious or fearful happen to them, thats already being filial to us.”

Shi Xiaoya held Du Yiqins hand and swayed it twice.

In front of Du Yiqin, she was totally like a little girl who had not grown up yet.

“Then I will still be preparing a table full of dishes this afternoon for you all to try anyway.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” Du Yiqin smiled and said, “Do you need my help”

“No need.” Shi Xiaoya hooked her arm around Du Yiqins elbow and went to the living room.

“You all can just sit here and wait, or if you want to walk around and take a look, its fine too.

Our living room has a staircase connecting both floors as well.”

Shi Xiaoya pointed to it for them to see.

“I have already prepared the ingredients, so I just need to cook them.

Theres nothing much I need help with,” Shi Xiaoya said.

When Shi Guanzhong saw that there was no one in the living room, he asked, “Wheres Zhuoling”

Shi Xiaoya pointed to the floor above and said, “Hes working in the study above.

You guys wait for a while, Ill call him to come down.

“We installed a staircase, but if we were to renovate the whole layout completely, it would be a major project, so the original layout remains unchanged.

My original bedroom is still my bedroom and is empty here.

I still use my original study.

Zhuoling uses the study above.

If I need to shoot videos, I wont need to worry that the noise will affect him.”

Shi Guanzhong nodded and said, “Dont call him, then.

Hes working, so lets not disturb him.

We can call him after hes done.

“Dont mind us too.

We will just take a look around ourselves,” Shi Guanzhong said.

Although he said that, Shi Xiaoya still went upstairs to call Han Zhuoling.

Or else, if Han Zhuoling knew that she did not tell him when they came, he would complain to her as well.

Shi Xiaoya was quite daring towards Han Zhuoling now.

Shi Guanzhong really did not feel good disturbing Han Zhuoling at work, so he was not just saying it out of courtesy.

He had also heard of how much of a workaholic Han Zhuoling was in the past.

But now that he was together with Shi Xiaoya, he actually would stay at home during the weekends.

This already made him very surprised.

Maybe he did not have important things to do when working at home.

But the work that went to Han Zhuoling was definitely not some casual work, so naturally, he did not feel good to disturb him.

But just as Shi Guanzhong was thinking about this…

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