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Chapter 2105: Useless No Matter How Cautious You Are

When looking at her photos from senior high, Han Zhuoling felt a sense of danger in his heart.

She was so cute back then.

There would definitely have been many people who liked her.

Han Zhuoling then suddenly asked, “Are you still in contact with your senior high classmates”

Everyone treated this topic as a normal conversation topic and did not think too much about it.

Only Shi Nancang had a vague feeling that something was off.

Why would Han Zhuoling bring up this unrelated topic for no reason

Instantly, he felt his heart ache a little for Shi Xiaoya.

Being together with Han Zhuoling, it was really useless no matter how cautious you are.

Every line this old fox said was laced with a trap.

How tiring it was to talk to him!

Who knew which line was a ploy, a trap, where one would get caught

Shi Xiaoya said, “I only keep in touch with a few, but its not that often that we keep in touch.

We will just occasionally gather once, probably around two or three times a year.

We will meet for high tea, or watch a movie or something.

But thats in the past when I was single.

Now that Im dating, I wont have time for such gatherings.”

Han Zhuoling caught the main point in her words.

“They are all girls”

“Of course,” Shi Xiaoya said, feeling strange.

“Why would I have a gathering with male classmates for no reason We are not close to begin with, so after so many years, all the more I dont know how they have turned out.

At most, we will have a class reunion gathering every year, the kind where everyone gathers together with both guys and girls around.

We do see each other once at that time.

“But the things they talk about, I have no interest in and think theyre quite meaningless.” They were all probably talking about the kind of jobs they were doing recently and what they have accomplished.

They all graduated from Jixia Academy, so their families were not average families.

But no matter which industry it was, there was no lack of such comparisons and boasting.

This was not to say that those rich families were really so low-key and not flamboyant.

The ones like the eight great families were really very rare.

Even within the eight great families, there were descendants who were willing to show off and be flamboyant about their wealth.

Just that their direct descendants were truly low profile.

With Han Zhuoling and the Han brothers, who were really capable yet so low-key, one had to admit, they were really quite rare.

Her classmates were really afraid that no one would know how capable they were.

“Anyway, I went twice and felt that it was quite meaningless, so I didnt go anymore afterward,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

No wonder he did not see her go this year either.

When he heard Han Zhuoling ask about male and female classmates, a flash suddenly lit across Shi Nancangs mind, as if he caught some important point.

But alas, the important point was a little hazy, so he did not manage to clear that thin layer of fog to see it clearly for a moment.

Shi Nancang then picked up his chopsticks again.

He had just taken a bite of his food when his mind suddenly clicked, as if a flash of light crossed his mind again.

Shi Nancang suddenly wrapped his mind around it.

Han Zhuoling asked about Shi Xiaoyas male classmates in senior high because he was keeping his guard up!

In case her senior high classmates in the past were still pining for Shi Xiaoya, he wanted to know of it early on and be prepared.

How petty!

He actually kept his guard up to this extent.

But this also proved that Han Zhuoling really treasured and cherished Shi Xiaoya.

Thinking of it like this, Shi Nancang felt a little happier.

But he also truly felt that Han Zhuoling was way too cunning.

He had too many motives, and Shi Xiaoya was really no match for him.

This silly younger sister, she had not even thought of this point yet even now.

In the future, she would definitely be taken advantage of by Han Zhuoling, unable to defend herself.

After looking through the last photo album, which was how Shi Xiaoya looked like when she was in senior high, Han Zhuoling then really started to feel regretful.

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