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Chapter 211: All of Us Have to Be Careful

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“Bwah!” Ye Xiaoxing sat on the floor and wailed, bawling her eyes out as if she had lost everything in her life.

When everyone saw it, discomfort was clearly written on their faces.

They could not bear to watch.

Even Lu Man did not wish to watch Ye Xiaoxing put on a show, crying and making a huge fuss and even threatening suicide and hence left the office decisively.

After some time, she received a text from Wu Lize: “Ye Xiaoxing has already left, you can come back.”

When Lu Man returned to the office, she saw that the atmosphere in the office was rather solemn and heavy because of Ye Xiaoxing’s departure.

Upon joining the Han Corporation, Ye Xiaoxing had become Sister Li’s disciple.

Hence, even though Sister Li did not agree with Ye Xiaoxing’s ways, she was still a little upset by Ye Xiaoxing’s leaving.

So Lu Man returned quietly to her seat, not uttering a word.

She knew that her colleagues still hoped that she could say something to let Ye Xiaoxing stay.

However, Lu Man was just unwilling.

Even if her colleagues, who have now warmed up to her, decide to go back to being cold again, she still won’t regret it.

Lu Man did not have a personality where after being bullied by others she could just laugh and brush it off.

After some time, Xia Mengxuan returned, her face dark.

Just now, she was the one who helped Ye Xiaoxing with her stuff and followed her to settle the papers regarding her dismissal and then sent her off from the company.

When she walked past Lu Man’s desk, Xia Mengxuan paused.

“You sure must be happy now! You’ve finally chased Ye Xiaoxing away! Who’s the next person that you want to chase away Me”

“Xia Mengxuan!” Sister Li scolded her fiercely.

“That’s enough! It was Ye Xiaoxing’s fault, how could you push the blame onto Lu Man instead Return to your seat quickly, it’s still office hours now, what do you think you’re doing!”

“Since her appearance, nothing good has ever happened in our office! In just a few days, she has driven out two people!” Xia Mengxuan scoffed sarcastically, “All of us have to be careful now, otherwise we will the next to be forced away by her!”

At that moment, Lu Man abruptly stood up.

“Xia Mengxuan, I didn’t say anything before because I couldn’t be bothered with your crazy antics.

Don’t make this sound like I’m being unreasonable.

Since my first day here, I’ve never ever done anything, yet you and Ye Xiaoxing strangely have a sense of animosity towards me.

Anyway, I won’t stoop to your level and just let it pass.

Dai Yiran stole my proposal and got fired by the company, was that my fault Ye Xiaoxing infected my computer with a virus and then slandered me in the company and got fired for that, was that my fault too Managing oneself is the most important thing.

If you didn’t provoke me, would I be so free and have the time to bother fighting with you If you want to compete, then let’s compete fairly, don’t use all these underhand methods and dirty tricks.

Otherwise, not just Han Corporation but no other company would ever be willing to tolerate that.”

“Lu Man is right!” Brother Zhang spoke, “I know that right from the start, both you and Ye Xiaoxing thought that it was very easy for Lu Man to join our company unlike you two who had to put in so much effort back then.

But that was entirely because of Lu Man’s capability.

Her personal growth was because of her own ability.

Lu Man has already showcased her ability and proved she is worthy of all her achievements.

So, instead of being jealous of others, why not improve yourself! However, instead of working hard and doing your job properly, all you do is spend all your time racking your brains just to come up with all those underhand and dirty methods.

If you only think about how to bully someone, how to oppress someone how to scheme against them, then you will never improve.

Doing that just proves that you are less talented than the other person.

No company would ever tolerate such an employee.

Xia Mengxuan was shocked to see that no one stood on her side.

Even Brother Zhang who had never really liked Lu Man was helping Lu Man and telling her off.

Her gaze scanned across the room and she coincidentally saw Chen Shimian’s mocking gaze directed at her.

Xia Mengxuan suddenly lifted her hands and covered her face.

“Wuwu…” She wailed as she ran out.

Lu Man: “…”

Clearly, I am the victim instead.

Why does it seem like I am at fault instead

It sure is frustrating.

Sister Li sighed, “What is this!”

After watching the drama unfold, Lu Man really did not wish to stay in the office any longer.

Coincidentally, it was time for the lunch break, so she headed to the pantry.

Then, from the fridge, she took the lunch boxes that she had brought over in the morning and headed to the top floor.


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