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Chapter 2113: Extremely Scary

Arent young pretty boys the trend now

Those youthful-looking male celebrities were really well-liked by girls.

If Shi Xiaoya really liked how he looked in the past better, although that was also him, he could no longer go back in time after all, which would make him feel dejected.

Now, after receiving confirmation from Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoling could finally heave a sigh of relief.

If his age could not make it, at least he could still rely on his looks.

In front of the two elders, Shi Xiaoya felt embarrassed to say it.

But actually, in her heart, no matter how Han Zhuoling looked in the past and now, she liked them all.

Because that was him.

Shi Xiaoya then looked down at the photos again.

Suddenly, she fixed her gaze.

Shi Xiaoya took up the photo and took a closer look at it.

She then took out her phone and used the zoom-in function on the camera to magnify a particular spot on the photo.

“Whats wrong” Han Zhuoling noticed that there was something off about Shi Xiaoyas expression.

Old Mrs.

Han said, “Eh” Then she asked, “Dont tell me you saw yourself again in the photos”

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.


But she did not continue saying anything.

She just flipped for a few more pages.

When she realized that there were no longer pictures of Han Zhuoling in Jixia Academy, she then flipped back the pages.

Han Zhuoling noticed that, as long as it was photos taken of him in Jixia Academy, Shi Xiaoyas gaze would stop for a while longer, as if she was looking for something.

Then, she would use her phone to snap a photo, which was probably because she found something.

After a while, Shi Xiaoya finally looked up.

Han Zhuoling then asked her, “What were you looking for just now”

“Oh,” Shi Xiaoya said nonchalantly.

“Looking for love rivals.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

It was rare for it to be Han Zhuolings turn to be speechless.

“You can tell there are love rivals from the photos” Han Zhuoling could not help but laugh.

He could not tell, but this little girl actually had the potential to be a Sherlock Holmes, huh


And its the extremely scary kinds,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She then started to explain from the first photo.

“See, this photo is taken by Young Master Han—”

When Shi Xiaoya just started speaking, before she could finish, Han Zhuoling corrected her and said, “Call him brother-in-law.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“I cant bring myself to call him that.

It sounds as if Im referring to an elder,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Then you dont need to call him Young Master Han.

Were all family.

Why do you need to address him so formally” Han Zhuoling said.

Old Mrs.

Han then said, “You can just call him Zhuoli.”

“This… wont be good.” Shi Xiaoya could not really bring herself to call him that.

Besides Han Zhuoli being older than her, calling him that still sounded like she was addressing an elder.

Han Zhuoling was also displeased.

“How can she call Zhuoli in the same manner as she calls me”

If she called him Zhuoling and called Han Zhuoli Zhuoli, it would not show his specialness at all.

Old Mrs.

Han: “…”

She realized for the first time how her eldest grandson had so many petty habits!

“Then tell me, how should she address him so that you wont mind” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

Han Zhuoling thought for a while and said, “Just call him Second Brother.

“It would be just right to call Zhuoli Second Younger Brother and call Zhuofeng Third Younger Brother.

It wont feel as awkward as calling him by his name,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Anyway, were all family.”

Actually, Shi Xiaoya would just call Han Zhuofeng Zhuofeng.

She did not feel any pressure about that.

Because the two of them were around the same age.

But Han Zhuoli was the Han Familys successor-in-line after all.

Calling him so casually did make her feel pressured.

When she heard what Han Zhuoling said, Shi Xiaoya tried saying the words “Second Younger Brother” a few times.

She noticed that, indeed, the more she said it, the easier it came out.

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