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Chapter 2116: Good-looking People Always Have Their Way

Han Zhuolings eyebrows twitched and he hooked her pinky with his.

Shi Xiaoya stared at him curiously.


“I am right here, but you want to keep my teenage photo” Han Zhuoling asked with his eyebrow raised.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Why did those words sound so familiar

Oh right, she remembered now.

Yesterday, when she sent her dad, mom, and older brother off, Han Zhuoling had asked Du Yiqin for her childhood photos, and she had the same thought too, just that she did not say it out loud.

“Didnt you also ask my mom for my photos” Shi Xiaoya immediately said.

“My mom even gave you three photo albums.

I am just asking for one photo.

Its a far cry from you.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Was that what he meant

“I asked for your childhood photos, but you are asking for my teenage photo,” Han Zhuoling said.

He suspected whether Shi Xiaoya liked young pretty boys!

He was not young now, so Shi Xiaoya could only look at the photos.

Shi Xiaoya instantly understood what Han Zhuoling meant.

She pursed her lips and said very confidently, “I actually want photos of you from now.

Do you have them”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Actually… he really didnt have any.

“Haha.” Shi Xiaoya laughed mirthlessly.

This man had never liked to take photos since he was young.

Looking at these photos, each of them showed him with a cross face.

He was already like that when he was young, much less after he grew up.

All the more, no one could force him to take photos.

It would be weird if he actually had photos of himself.

Old Mrs.

Han watched by the side and tried her best to hold back her laughter.

This was the first time she saw Han Zhuoling being so subdued.

Han Zhuoling was actually made speechless by a young girl, and he felt helpless as well, with no possible retort to make.

Han Zhuoling did not know of Old Mrs.

Hans thoughts.

If hed known that Old Mrs.

Han thought that way, he would tell her that at home, he had his fair share of being made speechless by Shi Xiaoya too.


By afternoon, around the time when Shi Xiaoya should go and meet Yu Mingshu, she left the family home with Han Zhuoling.

There was to be a fashion charity gala tonight.

It was not only people from the fashion industry, such as famous fashion magazine editors-in-chief and supermodels, who would attend.

Celebrities who were luxury brand ambassadors and celebrities with good working relations with luxury brands would also attend.

Although it was a charity gala, it had more relation with the fashion industry.

The guests all put in their best efforts to dress up, especially female celebrities, who made it their goal to stun the crowd.

Han Zhuoling had never been interested in these things.

Even if the organizers invited him, he never went.

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya was only going there to do makeup, not to attend the gala.

If Shi Xiaoya wanted to attend the gala, he might consider attending it.

The two of them went out of the family home and had just got into the car, but Han Zhuoling did not look like he was going to start the car.

Shi Xiaoya felt puzzled when she saw him take out his phone.

“You said you dont have photos of me now,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Yeah.” Shi Xiaoya nodded honestly.

Han Zhuoling then unlocked his phone and took a selfie.

He could be said to have taken the photo rather leisurely.

Usually, whether Shi Xiaoya was taking a selfie or a group photo with her friends, they would always want to find the best angle, and then take quite a few shots.

As they would always not feel satisfied with taking just one photo, they would continue taking a few more.

Han Zhuoling just took it so casually like an insensitive dude.

He did not even look for an angle and just took it with the sound of a click.

After taking it, he took a look at it and thought it was pretty good, so he sent the photo to Shi Xiaoya.

When Shi Xiaoya saw it, she felt that, indeed, good-looking people always have their way.

He just took one photo so casually, and he actually still looked so handsome.

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