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Chapter 2120: These Two Brothers, They Were Really Too Impressive

And it was wholehearted devotion.

He was clearly in the entertainment industry that was filled with temptation and low thresholds, but he never once succumbed to temptation.

Jiang Yuhan even offered herself right at his door, yet he did not want her.

The opposite was usual for such situations if it happened to someone else.

Even if it was a normal man whos not in the entertainment industry, if a beautiful woman offered herself of her own initiative to him, how many would actually reject her

Yet Han Zhuoling, who was so outstanding in all aspects, could reject her so cleanly and neatly.

He could be said to be super disciplined to have kept himself pure.

For such matters, there was really no jealousy to speak of.

One could only envy.

Who asked for Shi Xiaoya to have such good fortune as to have Han Zhuoling like her

There were so many more people who worked equally hard, yet none caught Han Zhuolings eye.

This probably showed how everyone had their own fate.

Just like Lu Man and Han Zhuoli.

Were there no other people more outstanding and more beautiful than Lu Man

And that nasty temper of Lu Mans, which made her target you once she did not get along with you, was actually the temper that made Han Zhuoli like her so much.

These two brothers from the Han Family were really too impressive.

Even when Han Zhuoling was standing right in front of them, and the two of them were staring at him who came specially for his girlfriend, they still felt as if it was an illusion.

If the organizer knew this, that Han Zhuoling had the time to come and accompany his girlfriend and would rather do nothing in his room while waiting than attend their gala dinner, how depressed would they feel

Thinking about it like that was quite amusing too.

Dong Qinrong was naturally very shocked too, but she managed her expression way better than the two young people behind her.

She did not talk too much about this either, so they each went back to their own rooms to prepare.

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaoya went to meet Yu Mingshu and did makeup for her.

As for her outfit, it was provided by the brand sponsor.

As she was the current ambassador for a high-end luxury brand, the gown and shoes that she would be wearing today were all provided by this high-end luxury brand.

The duration of the gala was a little longer, and it would surely have segments where celebrities needed to drink some champagne and the like.

Added to this, this was being filmed with high-definition cameras.

Although the filming would have filters and added effects, there was still a need to prevent any unedited photos from leaking out.

Shi Xiaoya explained her own thoughts and said, “So, I want to give priority to the lasting power of the makeup.”

Yu Mingshu agreed and gave Shi Xiaoya a free hand to do what she wanted to do.

Shi Xiaoya had seen the gown that Yu Mingshu would be wearing today, so she placed the emphasis on her eye makeup.

“If your eye makeup is thicker, it will look nice on camera.

Most of the color will be embedded within your double eyelids, so when your eyes are open, your makeup will not look that thick.

But when you blink subconsciously, people will still catch a glimpse of the mix of colors on your lids,” Shi Xiaoya explained to Yu Mingshu as she did her makeup for her.

“The main color to be used for the eye makeup this time is this one.” Shi Xiaoya used the tip of the eyeshadow brush to point to one of the colors to show Yu Mingshu.

“This happens to match nicely with your gown.

But if your eye makeup is thick, your lip makeup should not be too thick.

“And your facial features are more defined,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Yu Mingshu had the classic supermodel face.

She was not a beauty like those from pageant competitions, but she had a super well-defined face that could make people remember at once.

Her facial features and contours were slightly more obvious and protruding, so they just needed a little more contouring to make them appear sharper and more defined, but the areas where she looked good also need to be enhanced as well.

“Actually, you are more suited for a makeup style that combines both European American and Asian makeup styles,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She picked a lipstick for her and said, “For lipstick, well use this dusty rose color.”

Shi Xiaoya first swatched the lip color on the back of her hand for Yu Mingshu to see.

When Yu Mingshu was satisfied, she then used the lip brush to apply the lipstick for her.

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