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Chapter 2121: How Am I the Same as You

The velvet matte makeup style was way more classy.

She then dusted on a thin layer of loose powder on the exterior for Yu Mingshu to make her lipstick last longer.

After all, Yu Mingshu would have to stay at the gala dinner for the whole night.

Yu Mingshu said in surprise, “About what you said, the makeup artist I engaged when I attended the Oscars also said the same thing before.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Because this is a charity gala, you all will have to stay in the venue all the way.

You still have to go on stage to present the awards.

As your makeup artist, I cant follow you in, so I can only do my best to help make sure that your makeup can be maintained in the best condition for the longest period of time.

The most important part of all is the lip makeup.

“If I use the loose powder to lightly cover it, it can make the lipstick appear more matte, and it can stay on your lips more.

You might feel that its a little drier and not that comfortable though,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Yu Mingshu nodded in agreement.


Last year when I attended the Oscars for the first time and the makeup artist did this for me, my lips felt really dry for the whole night, but I did not dare to lick them either.”

“This is to make sure you look good on camera, and when reporters take photos of you, whether its before you enter the gala or after the gala ends, you wont need to worry that your lipstick will have smudged.

For the sake of beauty, you can only bear with it for a while,” Shi Xiaoya said as she smiled.

Yu Mingshu nodded.

Anyway, they had to maintain their image.

To achieve this, the discomfort was really not considered difficult to bear.

After she was done applying makeup for Yu Mingshu, it was also time for Yu Mingshu to set off.

Shi Xiaoya had to follow along first.

Only after Yu Mingshu had officially entered the venue could Shi Xiaoya then leave.

On the way there, Shi Xiaoya seized some spare time to send a text to Han Zhuoling.

“I can only go back after the gala officially starts.

Are you hungry Why dont you order something to eat first”

Very quickly, Han Zhuoling replied with two words.

“Ill wait.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled, but she did not dare to chat for too long with Han Zhuoling.

She quickly sent back an emoji.

When they reached the venue, there were already quite a lot of people there.

After walking through the red carpet and letting reporters take photos, they then entered the venue.

But because the gala had yet to officially begin, Shi Xiaoya could not leave either.

At this moment, a lot of celebrities had already arrived.

When they saw Yu Mingshu, whether they knew her or not, they all came over to say hello and get to know each other.

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaoya stood at a corner within a near distance to keep a low profile and not disturb them, but if there was a need, she could also appear within the shortest time.

Shi Xiaoya gave a sweeping glance and noticed that the guests that came were not just celebrities or people from the fashion industry.

There were also successful leaders from various other fields, as well as some socialites.

“Why are you here” A voice that was etched in Shi Xiaoyas mind suddenly rang out.

As Shi Xiaoya had been focused on Yu Mingshus situation, she did not notice the person that had just come.

When she heard the voice now, she then saw Xia Yixin, who was standing in front of her.

Xia Yixin was actually still around.

She wondered if that middle-aged woman did not spill her name or if Xia Yixin had been so cautious that she did not go and find the middle-aged woman at all.

It was probably the latter.

Unless the person who instructed the middle-aged woman was not her.

But Shi Xiaoya still believed that it was more likely that the mastermind was Xia Yixin.

There was no particular reason, she just had that feeling.

Shi Xiaoya raised an eyebrow and asked, “Miss Xia, arent you here as well”

Xia Yixin got angry the moment she heard that.

“How am I the same as you”

“We are indeed different.

I am Zhuolings girlfriend.

Wherever I go, everyone has to treat me politely,” Shi Xiaoya said with a smile.

The more Xia Yixin did not like to hear such things, the more Shi Xiaoya wanted to say them.

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