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Chapter 2122: Her Ex-son-in-law

“Its actually you, Miss Xia.

The Xia family has already been cast aside by the Han Family in disdain.” Shi Xiaoya raised her eyebrow and said, “You can actually still appear on events like this.


Nope, perhaps, there are still people sending you invitations now”

Shi Xiaoya did not fear the Xia family at all.

Even without the Han Family standing up for her.

The Xia family and the Shi family were longtime rivals, just that the Shi siblings were not as high profile as the children of other families.

Shi Nancang only slowly started being known to other people because he had been replacing Shi Guanzhong to manage the company in recent years.

Shi Xiaoya never liked attending such extravagant events and was more willing to do the things she liked in a down-to-earth manner.

And Xia Yixin had never been concerned about the family business.

She had only heard that there seemed to be a Shi family of sorts, but she did not know about other things.

Hence, even if Shi Xiaoya was standing right in front of her, Xia Yixin did not even know that this was the daughter of their familys longtime rival.

Anyway, between the Shi family and the Xia family, even at the Xia familys peak in the past, they were merely on par with the Shi family.

Ever since the Xia family started being pummeled by the Han Family until they were left hanging by a thread, most of their business had been snatched away by the Shi family.

And now with Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuolings relationship, the Han Family would even help the Shi family to acquire parts of the business that originally belonged to the Xia family.

The Shi family probably did not even treat the Xia family seriously now.

So, even without Han Zhuoling standing up for her, Shi Xiaoya already felt very confident given her own family background.

“You!” Xia Yixin was so enraged that she almost wanted to hit Shi Xiaoya.

She really got enraged because of the way Shi Xiaoya looked when she raised her eyebrow.

Because the way Shi Xiaoya raised her eyebrow resembled Han Zhuolings way too much.

How intimate, how familiar would the two of them have to be for her to be influenced by him And even this subconscious expression looked almost identical to his!

She could tell that Shi Xiaoya was not doing it on purpose.

It was a subconscious, casual habit, one that had been influenced by Han Zhuoling.

She thought of how she had been husband and wife with Han Zhuoling for so long back then.

Even so, she did not even share any similar little actions with Han Zhuoling.

But Shi Xiaoya had just gotten together with Han Zhuoling for only how long, and yet she could already be so similar to him.

If people did not know, they might even think that before she divorced Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya had already been in contact with Han Zhuoling.

Wait a minute

Before the divorce

An idea suddenly flashed across Xia Yixins mind.

It had not been thought through properly and was not a mature thought, but this was indeed a good line of thought.

Xia Yixin decided to go back and think about it properly.

But no matter what, Shi Xiaoya was not afraid.

She would not be on the losing end.

“Yixin.” Xia Yixins mother, Cen Mengqing, called her with a distant tone and walked over at the same time.

Its true the Xia family could no longer compare to its past.

Cen Mengqing, however, had been one of the board members for this charity gala for many years.

Hence, no matter what, she would still receive an invite to the gala this time.

Since Cen Mengqing was a board member, if she wanted to bring Xia Yixin along, it was naturally a very easy thing to do.

Cen Mengqing walked over, saw Shi Xiaoya, and immediately recognized her.

Not that she recognized that Shi Xiaoya was the daughter of the Shi family, but she recognized that she was Han Zhuolings new girlfriend.

When Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling went public with their relationship, they made the headlines for a couple of days straight.

Other than that, Xia Yixin also especially searched for Shi Xiaoyas photos to show Cen Mengqing, and she pointed at Shi Xiaoyas photo while cursing her non-stop at home.

Shi Xiaoyas details online also did not mention the Shi family, so Cen Mengqing did not know as well.

Cen Mengqing naturally disliked Shi Xiaoya.

No matter who Han Zhuoling fell in love with, she would not like that person.

After all, Han Zhuoling was her ex-son-in-law.

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