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Chapter 2132: Thats Called Asking for Death

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That meant Xia Zhancheng also knew of this matter.

“Whats going on” Xia Zhancheng asked the moment he saw Cen Mengqing.

“Wheres Yixin”

Cen Mengqing then said, “That Shi Xiaoya, she actually sued Yixin for slander!”

Cen Mengqing was furious.

Aside from worrying about Xia Yixin, she was angrier that a small fry like Shi Xiaoya actually dared to sue Xia Yixin!

Wasnt it just because she had Han Zhuoling backing her up

When an evil person gets her way!

If not for Han Zhuoling, do you think she would dare

“What is it” Xia Zhancheng saw that after Cen Mengqing came back, she immediately ran to Xia Yixins room.

He then followed her and said, “What slander What did Yixin do”

Cen Mengqing sighed and said, “Actually, Yixin just cant take things lying down.

Why should she have to be treated so coldly by Han Zhuoling when she was Han Zhuolings wife previously On top of that, now that Yixin is being ostracized by her social circles, Han Zhuoling flamboyantly went to find a young girlfriend.”

Xia Yixin was indeed much older than Shi Xiaoya.

“They had just divorced and Han Zhuoling found someone new already.” Cen Mengqing herself felt that it was unfair.

What right did he have!

Wasnt this as good as telling everyone that he, Han Zhuoling, did not care about Xia Yixin at all

He quickly found someone else after his divorce!

“It would have been fine if he only did that.

Anyway, he was going to remarry sooner or later.

Our family cant stop him.” Cen Mengqing had already reached Xia Yixins room.

“It would have been fine if he found someone else, but why did he have to show off his love every day In the past, when he was with Yixin, why hadnt he been seen to be like this Now that hes with Shi Xiaoya, its as if hes always afraid that other people wont know how well he treats his girlfriend and how much he dotes on her.

As if Yixin and our family are a joke.

“Now, everyone outside thinks that he bore no responsibility at all in his divorce with Yixin.

If that wasnt the case, why would he treat Shi Xiaoya so well when he treated Yixin badly That, then, was definitely Yixins problem.”

Cen Mengqing was so furious that she took a few deep breaths to calm herself down before laughing sarcastically.

“No wonder Han Zhuoling managed to be so successful in business.

How smart was he! He so easily relied on this trick to whitewash himself.

Yixin said so much previously, but it was all for nothing.

“I even saw that Shi Xiaoya at the charity gala today.

She was the classic example of an evil woman getting her way.

She doesnt even know that Han Zhuoling was using her, and she still gloated over herself, thinking about how much Han Zhuoling loves her.”

Xia Zhancheng frowned and interjected, “You said so much, but you didnt say what, exactly, Yixin did that made Shi Xiaoya want to sue her for slander.”

Cen Mengqing then said, “Its just because she cant take it lying down! Why should they, the Han Family bully, our family just because they wanted to Why should Han Zhuoling live so comfortably and even get himself a young lady when our Yixin cant even rejoin her social circles now

“Its precisely because she cant take it lying down that…” Cen Mengqing minced her lips, then said, “That she sent someone to Shi Xiaoyas work studio to cause a scene and say that Shi Xiaoya had been a mistress before.”

Xia Zhancheng frowned and asked, “What do you mean Shi Xiaoya sued her for slander because that was just nonsense and something that wasnt true”

“Yixin found a shrewish woman on the streets to deliberately go and cause a scene.

Of course its not true, or Shi Xiaoya wouldnt sue Yixin for slander,” Cen Mengqing said.

“The police have already caught that woman now, and they took Yixin to the police station today.”

“Ridiculous!” Xia Zhancheng shouted angrily.

He was also angry that the Han Family had suppressed their family to this extent.

But knowing that you were not a match for the other party yet still going to look for trouble with them, thats called asking for death!

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