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Chapter 2137: She Never Lacked It

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“Mom, do you have photos of me in Jixia Academy Lu Man said it will be useful,” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“I have, I have,” Du Yiqin immediately said.

“How do I pass them to you”

“Just use your phone to take photos of them and send them to me over WeChat,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Du Yiqin immediately ended the call and went to find the photos.

She was afraid that if she was late for even a second, it might negatively affect Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya just forwarded them over to Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli was driving.

Lu Man sat in the passenger seat and started contacting people to send out these photos.

She did not find “Eight Skin Entertainment” and those kinds of accounts but a few very ordinary-looking “normal netizen” ones.

After five minutes, one “normal netizen” uploaded insider information.

“This is my best friends graduation photo.

I noticed that theres someone who looks familiar in there.

Could it be that Shi Xiaoya, who is very famous tonight, is the one in there”

In the photo, Shi Xiaoya had even been circled and marked out.

Afterward, that netizen said, “Although I am an average person, my best friends family is quite impressive.

She graduated from Jixia Academy.

Jixia Academys school uniform is known worldwide.

Its one of a kind.

There are no others that look similar to it, so its easily recognizable.

And there are also a few familiar faces in there.

Im sure you all can definitely recognize them.”

When the other netizens took a look, they found that the person indeed looked really similar to Shi Xiaoya.

But because it was a senior high graduation photo, although everyone did put on some light makeup, it was not that obvious on camera and looked almost like they were bare-faced.

At that time, Shi Xiaoya had not officially started learning how to do makeup, so her makeup skills were naturally not as good as they were now.

She looked as if she was not as pretty as she was now, but one could still tell that it was her.

“Thats really Shi Xiaoya”

“Could it be just a lookalike”

“To be able to study at Jixia Academy, that means her family must be quite impressive.”

“I also heard that to enter Jixia Academy, its not enough for the family to be rich.

For instance, normal businessmen, or the nouveau riche that turned from rags to riches overnight—although they are rich, the school doesnt want them.

You need to have a specialty, have achievements, have recommendation letters, have connections.

Your family needs to have accomplishments and contributions that are well-known in society, such as doing charity, domestic and international fame, valuable family brand, etc.”


I also heard about that.

And that recommendation letter cannot be from just anyone.

The person who wrote the recommendation letter must be someone who is acknowledged by Jixia Academy, a top talent in society.

The eight great families all have a name list for admissions and recommendations for admissions, so not much needs to be said about them.

As for the others, they would be like those big bosses that advanced the development and convenience of our modern lifestyles.

To give a more concrete example, if it was Wang Juhuai who wrote the recommendation letter, Jixia Academy will acknowledge it.

It has to be at his level of accomplishment.

Everyone understands now, right”

“Understood, understood.”

“I just asked my best friend.

She said that her classmate is indeed Shi Xiaoya, but Shi Xiaoya keeps a very low profile.

In the past, when she was in Jixia Academy, everyone knew each others familys capabilities.

After graduation, however, Shi Xiaoya did not work for her familys company.

She came out to start her own business instead.

She never intended to use her familys name to do things, so aside from her classmates and some people close to her family, outsiders dont know that she actually comes from a great family.”

“So, if that is really Shi Xiaoya, then Shi Xiaoyas family is also very impressive.”

“If her family is so impressive, then she really doesnt need to worry about that little bit of money.

She never lacked it anyway..

Its even more of a joke now for her to be called a mistress kept by someone else.”

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