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Chapter 2141: Lu Man: Lose Theres No Such Thing.

Eight Skin Entertainment started to name the people one by one.

Every name was followed with brackets, which enclosed a short description of the person.

Including some industrys heir.

Some corporations CEO.

Some familys who-who-who.

They were all reputable and renowned people.

Some might not be that familiar at first sight, but their names were very well known.

Once the names were mentioned, everyone would recognize them immediately.

So it was them!

A short moment later, Eight Skin Entertainment uploaded the verification process video that hed mentioned earlier.

It proved that this photo was indeed genuine.

“Its Eight Skin Entertainment again.

Dont tell me Lu Man is doing PR for Shi Xiaoya.”

“She probably is.

Dont forget whose girlfriend Shi Xiaoya is.”

“Oh right.

Shi Xiaoya is dating Han Zhuoling.

If Shi Xiaoya is in trouble, Lu Man will definitely help.

With such a great PR master in the family, theres nothing for her to fear.”

“My Man is just so impressive,” Lu Mans fans praised.

“Theres definitely someone trying to mess with Shi Xiaoya behind this matter.”

“HAHAHAHAHA, no matter whos trying to mess with Shi Xiaoya, that person is definitely a dumbass.

Because they dont know what kind of force theyre dealing with!”

“Thats right.

If Lu Man could lose, she would not be called a master.”

“Lu Man: Lose Theres no such thing.”

Hence, Lu Man and Eight Skin Entertainment were not even afraid of being seen through by netizens.

After all, the whole Internet knew that Shi Xiaoya was Han Zhuolings girlfriend.

Lu Man did not need to hide the fact that she was helping Shi Xiaoya.

The PR manager that Cen Mengqing hired also thought that Lu Man would help long ago.

Although this person was not as famous as Lu Man, he was not an average PR manager either, so he naturally would not have missed this point.

But he still accepted the job, mainly of course for the money.

But there was also another point.

He also wanted to compete with Lu Man.

He had never competed against Lu Man before and had just been watching from the sidelines, relying on their professional skill to analyze the schemes and methods that Lu Man and her opponent used.

The cases that Lu Man did would even become the subject of their analysis during their meetings.

This person especially made each of his team members present their analysis during the meeting and then have a discussion about it together.

Everyone raised their own opinions about what they would do if it were them, and then compared it to Lu Mans methods to discuss the pros and cons, etc.

This person was not sure if Lu Man would make a move for Shi Xiaoya, but he wanted to give it a try.

Indeed, Lu Man made a move.

The other party was excited and immediately struck back, not daring to relax even a little.

He just did not expect that Lu Man would actually react so quickly.

The other party had just returned a move, and Lu Man immediately followed suit.

He thought that this was also one of the reasons why Lu Man could win against her opponents without giving them any chance to fight back every time.

Her reaction was way too fast, as if she had long expected what the other party would do next.

She was just waiting for the other part to do what she had predicted, then she would immediately strike back.

She would strike so fast to the point that the other party would be caught off guard by her and be dumbstruck.

The rhythm would be messed up, derailing the plans that had already been prepared for the follow-up, such that they would not be able to react in time.

Hence, with one wrong step, all other missteps would follow.

This person had previously analyzed it very well, but when he really faced off against Lu Man, he found that it was not that simple.

Being directly involved was a much more in-depth experience than watching from the sidelines.

“From the looks of it, Shi Xiaoya really graduated from Jixia Academy, and this shows that her family is really not ordinary.”

“Those who can attend Jixia Academy can no longer be considered as simply wealthy.

The middle-aged woman in that video, her family doesnt look like the kind who can attend Jixia Academy.

This kind of person actually wanted to take Shi Xiaoya as his mistress”

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