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Chapter 2162: There Are Way Too Many Things You Didnt Expect

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Among those people inside, who would put up with Xia Yixins nasty temper

Who knew what methods they would use to punish her

There were many rumors of dirty goings-on in there that most people would not even dare to imagine.

“What can we do Im not going to care about that child anymore.

I did all that I could do.

This whole night, while you and Xia Yixin were raising hell, I was contacting this person and that person, trying to find a way to get her out.

“In the end While I was out there thinking of a way to save her, you both were dragging me down at the side.

I only have two legs, and each of you dragged one leg of mine.

I cant even remain rooted to the spot and have to get dragged backward because of the two of you.”

Xia Zhancheng laughed out of anger.

“I wont be able to help Xia Yixin anymore.

If she goes to jail, Ill pretend as if I dont have such a daughter..

From now on, I wont care about her anymore.

Even in the future after she comes out of jail, she better not come back and look for me.

“I can really no longer afford to raise such a wastrel of a daughter who only knows how to do her own family in.

No other family will be able to afford it.”

“Zhancheng, dont say that.

If you stop caring about her, Yixin will really be done for!” Cen Mengqing said frantically.

“Should I care Can I even care! How am I supposed to care Can I care for her for her whole life” Xia Zhancheng was extremely outraged.

“I had cared for her so many times before, but when did she ever change! When I managed to take care of her once, she became even worse the next time around.

She just thinks that no matter what she does, there will always be someone cleaning up her mess for her, thats why shes so reckless and only gets worse each time.”

Xia Zhancheng paused for a moment before continuing, “And even if I want to settle the current matter, I wont be able to, not only because Im no match for Han Zhuoling but also because our family is on the brink of demise now.

The Xia family is about to be ruined, so how can I take care of her Our family is going to be finished soon.

I cant even take care of my family now, and you want me to take care of her”

“Zhancheng, dont scare me, how can that be” Cen Mengqing felt cold sweat breaking out all over her body.

“How can that be You ask me how that can be Why dont you ask yourself this question What did I tell you before You just refused to listen and insisted on provoking Shi Xiaoya.

This was something that could very well have been settled through mediation originally, but you sealed our escape route into a dead end.

“Xia Yixin wont be able to get out.

Her fate in jail is set.

You have a part to play in this as well.” Xia Zhanchengs agitation peaked when he said this.

His saliva flying out all over the place.

He even really wanted to just quit and shirk all his responsibilities.

Who cared how his family would turn out Anyway, he was tired.

With such a wastrel of a wife and daughter, he really could not go on anymore.

With just one wastrel at home, this family almost got finished and was already barely surviving.

What more when there were actually two in their family!

He really had the kind of bad luck that was accumulated from eight lifetimes.

Cen Mengqing covered her face and sobbed as she said, “I didnt expect this either.

I didnt know that that video wasnt complete.

I didnt think that Yixin would even lie to me.

At first, I just thought that this was a good chance to deal with Shi Xiaoya, that we could use this to threaten her into settling for mediation with Yixin, then everything would be fine.

Who knew that Yixin would be so unreliable”

“You didnt expect it” Xia Zhancheng asked her back in fury.

“There are way too many things that you didnt expect! If you had only expected everything, our family wouldnt have ended up in this state now!

“If you had expected it, could you have educated Xia Yixin to become like this If you had expected it, could Xia Yixin have done us in to the point of tearing our ties with the Han Family apart If you could have expected it, could Xia Yixin have lied to you as well

“I finally understand now.” Xia Zhancheng laughed with a mix of mockery and desolation.

“Without Xia Yixin, our family would have done fine, nothing would have happened.

Its all because of that wastrel that our family was ruined.

What I didnt expect was that theres one more cause, and its you.”

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