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Just then, Lu Man heard Sister Li say, “Aiyo, its raining outside.”

Turning her head around, Lu Man saw the heavy rain outside the window hitting the window violently.

Lu Man suddenly thought about some interesting self-insulting posts she had seen online in her previous life; calculating the time, these paragraphs had yet to appear, or could it be said that writing those paragraphs was not something popular as of now, so she immediately wrote down a post and sent it to Du Lin.

Du Lin sent an emoticon that was laughing while lying down. “666 1 , little sister-in-law, youre too good, wait, Ill post it on Weibo straight away!”

Not long after, she saw Du Lin new Weibo post, “I just finished recording a show and returned home, when I came out of the car it suddenly started to rain heavily.

Just before I left home, my wife had given me a very fancy cardboard box, so as I rushed home, I used my body to protect it and when I opened it to take a look later, it had an umbrella!”

There was even a photo attached to the post.

The comments were full of people laughing at his misfortune and despising him.

The fans did not know the trick, but a lot of PR teams used their own methods to learn about this situation and found that Du Lins post was a trick designed by Lu Man.

Meanwhile, somewhere else:

An Executive director of a Public Relations team: “We are also an old public relations team already, but look at Lu Man, shes a newcomer, yet she spontaneously keeps coming up with fierce innovative ideas, you all need to be more hardworking, otherwise, you will be left behind in the dust!”

A leader of a Public Relations company: “At that time, Du Xiangdong had also come to our company, but everyone felt that Du Lins case was too difficult and did not dare to take it.

Yet what about now Lu Man somehow managed to help Du Lin become popular again! All of you go and do your research! Why is it that you cant think of such a proposal Lu Man did not even study public relations! A person who popped out of nowhere is better than all of you, why should the company still keep you”

At the National Media University, the professor broadcasted a PPT file during the Public Relations lesson, “Today, lets study Du Lins case, which is definitely a case worth studying.

It will be of great help to you in the future.”

All this while, Lu Man still unaware of her plan designed for Du Lin stirring up a thousand waves in the industry.

At that moment, Wu Lize walked over to stand at the front of the office, he clapped his hands twice.

“Everyone stop your work for a while, I have something to announce.”

Everyone stopped to look towards Wu Lize and heard him say, “Everyone knows, its time for the once a year Gold Finger Award.

Our company has always had two nomination spots, one for the Gold Finger Award and the other for the Best Newcomer Award.”

Before this, although everyone had stopped doing whatever work they were doing, upon the mention of Gold Finger Award those who had been listening half-heartedly instantly perked up and focusing their gaze onto Wu Lize in anticipation though a bit hesitant.

The Gold Finger Award was nothing to those from outside the public relations industry, and probably they had not even heard of it before.

But as long as someone belonged to the PR industry, they very well know the importance of this award, it was like the Fields Medal to a mathematician, a Pulitzer to a journalist, an Oscar to an actor or director.

“This time for the Gold Finger Award, the company has nominated Chen Shimian,” Wu Lize announced.

Chen Shimian was stunned for a moment, and then instantly stood up in excitement.


“Yes! Brother Zhang and Sister Li have been nominated before, so in the next two years we nominate Brother Zhang and Sister Li anymore,” Wu Lize smiled and said, “Furthermore, you have sufficient experience and ability and deserve to be nominated.”

“Xiao Chen, congratulations,” Brother Zhang smiled and patted Chen Shimian on the back, “I wish you good luck.”

“Xiao Chen, congratulations, do your best this time!” Sister Li also said congratulated him.


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