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Chapter 2177: How Can You Be So Heartless

Cen Mengqing saw the bruises blooming on Xia Yixins face.

Some were new while others were old.

“Why are you beaten so badly Are you being bullied inside” She was her daughter after all.

No matter how much resentment there was, Cen Mengqing still felt bad seeing her like this.

Xia Yixin had been having a terrible time recently.

Not only was her face hurt from being beaten, but she also had cold sores on the corner of her lips.

Her mouth too had sores, and her tongue was not spared as well.

She was being bullied every day and eating poorly, but whats worse was that she couldnt even get the chance to eat properly.

Xia Yixin seized the chance to complain to Cen Mengqing.

“Mom, Im dying in there, being beaten up every single day.

Look at my hair, theyve pulled it out clump by clump, and heres already bald.”

Xia Yixin lowered her head for Cen Mengqing to get a better view.

There was a part of her scalp that was bald, almost as big as a coin.

“Im beaten up every day, and my wounds havent healed before new ones appear.

Youre only seeing the ones on my face, my body is also bruised everywhere.” Xia Yixin began crying as she spoke.

“Im eating steamed buns and cabbages every day without meat in sight.

And they dont even allow me to eat, they always throw it away.

I cant even eat a proper meal.”

Cen Mengqing noticed that Xia Yixin had indeed become skinner.

Not only that, but there were even deep wrinkles on her face, almost as much as on her own.

Xia Yixins complexion was bad too, waxen.

“Why… Why do they beat and bully you” Cen Mengqing was worried.

“Mom, you and Dad should think of a way to get me out quickly.

Before that, get me a solo room,” Xia Yixin said.

“Why are you both so slow Quickly, get me out!”

Whatever heartache Cen Mengqing felt for her dissipated when she heard this.

“We cant get you out.” Cen Mengqings face was gloomy.

“Were bankrupt.

Weve got no money or connections to help you.”

Xia Yixin felt as if her world exploded.

“Im-impossible!” Xia Yixin refused to accept the truth.

“Youre lying, youre all lying!”

Her heart did waver when the ring leader said it just now, but she never believed her words.

Not that she didnt believe the leader, or that she was very confident in her family.

Rather, she didnt dare believe.

The moment she trusted her words and it turned out to be the truth, all her hopes would be dashed.

At least, if she didnt believe it, thered still be hope in her heart.

Hope of getting out.

But now, Cen Mengqing had burst her last bubble of hope.

“Is it that you dont wish to save me anymore” Xia Yixin hit her chest with both hands.

“Im your daughter! And you dont even want to save me anymore!

“How can you all be so heartless!” Xia Yixin roared.

She yearned desperately to escape this hellhole.

The thought that she was going back to that place after she got a break while seeing Cen Mengqing made her go crazy.

“Youre all gallivanting outside but not caring about my survival!” Xia Yixin screamed.

“How are there parents like you!”

Cen Mengqings face blackened instantly.

She looked at her in disappointment.

“Is this how you think of us You created the trouble, and its fine for us to clean up after you.

Isnt it fair for you to be punished too”

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