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Chapter 2180: Like Poison

“If our family were still doing alright, we could have at least allowed you to stay more comfortably here even if we lost the lawsuit.” Cen Mengqing sighed.

“But now, we really cant help it.

“We cant help you from outside.

You have to take care of yourself in here.

You must remember, youre no longer the young lady of the past.

Even if youre outside right now, youd still be just one of the masses.

But youre in here, in the lowest rung of society, and anyone can bully you.

“Take good care of yourself anyways.” With that, the warden ushered Cen Mengqing out instantly, and she was unable to say more.

Not that there was anything more to say.

Shed said all that she could.

Its all up to Xia Yixins own understanding.

If she didnt understand, then shed have a hard time enduring the rest of her sentence.

After Cen Mengqings departure, Xia Yixin suddenly dropped onto the table, screaming and sobbing in utter hopelessness.

Cen Mengqing paused at the corridor, hearing Xia Yixins screams.

Her heart twisted in agony too, and she left crying.

Xia Yixin was full of regrets.

She had a hand full of good cards, but she played them all wrong.

Cen Mengqings words kept replaying in her mind.

She was right—shed landed herself in this mess.

Had she not walked the wrong path… Had she not betrayed Han Zhuoling from the start…

Then at the very least, right now, she would be satisfied materially, even if she wasnt that blissful with Han Zhuoling.

Shed be glamourous, not fallen from grace.

She was wrong from the very start.

And every step taken after had only led her further down the road of no return.

“AH!” Xia Yixin cried.

Saying that her regret turned her insides out was no exaggeration.

“Stop screaming!” the warden said coldly.

“Go back!”

“Ah!” Xia Yixin cried relentlessly.

She hit her own chest, for no words could begin to describe the regret she was feeling now.

The more she recalled, the more she realized how blissful her life was back then.

And the more she couldnt accept her misery now.

In the end, Xia Yixin was dragged back sobbing by the guards.

As if shed lost her mind, Xia Yixin kept crying non-stop.

And apart from crying and shouting, she did nothing else.

The prison guard dragged her, so she walked without resistance.

The warden brought her back, and when the leader saw Xia Yixin, she scoffed.

“Seems like she knows the truth now, and the truth hit her too hard, so she turned crazy”

The warden got a scare hearing that.

Xia Yixin really seemed as if shed lost her senses.

The warden quickly called for a doctor to check.


Initially, someone would report to Han Zhuoling about Xia Yixins situation in prison.

But Han Zhuoling was uninterested.

He did not feel sympathy for her or her outcome, nor did he gloat over her misery.

To him, sending Xia Yixin to jail meant the end of the problem.

As for how Xia Yixin fared afterward, good or bad, it had nothing to do with him.

He had no interest nor concern.

Xia Yixin no longer existed in his life.


The surname Xia was like poison.

Another family was having trouble, not just the Xia family.

It was the Lu family.

Xia Qingyang received a call from the director of the detective agency.

Lu Qiyuans mistress, as well as the home hed set up, had all been found out.

Xia Qingyang immediately went to the agency.

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