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Chapter 2182: Could He Be Wanting a Divorce

Xia Qingyang breathed heavily in anger.

“Does he think hes still a young man Jiang Yujies only after his money.

Cant he tell”

When she was young, Xia Qingyang stole the man from Xia Qingwei.

But Xia Qingyang felt that Lu Qiyuan was still young back then—not only was he rich, but he was also handsome.

Hence, Xia Qingyang had tackled Lu Qiyuan in the name of love.

Even if she liked his money, at least Lu Qiyuan was attractive based on his looks alone, and Xia Qingyang claiming to love him for his person rather than his money was still somewhat convincing.

Lu Qi noticed that Xia Qingyang was going to continue speaking.

Though Lu Qiyuans affairs had all been dug out by the director and there were no secrets here, Xia Qingyang shouldnt continue babbling.

Lu Qi quickly pulled on her hand and pinched hard, stopping Xia Qingyang.

Otherwise, it wouldnt just be Lu Qiyuans matters, even her own doings would be exposed to others.

Feeling the pain and seeing Lu Qis expression, Xia Qingyang quickly shut her mouth.

“Thank you,” Lu Qi said to the director.

“This information is enough.

Well be going, then.”

The director politely rose and sent them out.

When returning, they boarded Lu Qis car.

Shes afraid Xia Qingyang wouldnt be able to control her temper and cause an accident on the road.

Xia Qingyang was still fuming, gritting her teeth and stomping her foot.

“Ha! Lu Qiyuan at least still came home once a week before, but ever since he called and blamed us for making a ruckus at Xia Qingweis kids 100-day celebration, he gave up on coming home.” Xia Qingyang raged, “Hes been staying with that hussy as if thats his home!”

Xia Qingyang suddenly turned to Lu Qi and grabbed her arm.

“Say, he couldnt be wanting a divorce, could he”

Incidentally, Lu Qi was driving, and Xia Qingyangs sudden grip caused her to turn the steering wheel, almost sending them onto the next lane.

Most importantly, the lane beside theirs was full of fast cars.

There was no space for another car to squeeze in.

The moment Lu Qis car started turning, urgent honking started sounding from the other lane.

Lu Qi got a scare and quickly righted the steering wheel, barely avoiding an accident.

A driver from the lane rolled down his window as he drove and scolded Lu Qi.

“You crazy Dont you know how to drive Die if you want to, but dont drag others with you!”

With a steely face, Lu Qi turned and roared at Xia Qingyang, “What are you doing, Mom Cant you see Im driving Do you want to die and allow Dad to be with that vixen openly”

Xia Qingyang was originally furious and was also scared.

Shes afraid Lu Qiyuan would really divorce her.

Shes not like before.

Shes old now and was a pretty face no longer.

Her temperament no longer suited Lu Qiyuans tastes.


What nonsense.

He was just sick of her.

Otherwise, if he liked her, hed have accepted every bit about her and liked them all.

Lu Qiyuans getting impatient and sick of her.

How could she compete with some young innocent girl now

She had no chance of winning.

Shed never divorce Lu Qiyuan.

At least, not now.

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