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Chapter 2183: Fell for the Same Tricks

This had nothing to do with her status as the official wife, nor anything to do with loving Lu Qiyuan.

Its purely because she hadnt completely shifted all of Lu Qiyuans assets to her name.

How much she stood to lose if they divorced!

Xia Qingyang was both sulky and furious, feeling the weight of both emotions.

And worse, she got yelled at by Lu Qi, so the thought that Lu Qi also reckoned Lu Qiyuan wanted to divorce her to marry that hussy blossomed.

Instantly, Xia Qingyang burst into tears with a loud wail.

“Im angry and Im scared, and you still wish me dead” Xia Qingyang cried.

“Mom, dont be unreasonable! How could I want you dead” Resigned, Lu Qi parked the car by the curbside.

“Its because your actions just now were too dangerous.

I know youre angry, but you cant treat both our lives carelessly! Its that vixen and Dad whos wrong, yet youre the one whos gonna be hurt first Whats with that”Lu Qi said helplessly.

“Whats more, Ive said it before.

That Jiang Yujie is obviously someone devious!” Lu Qi said.

“Whats the point of saying this now!” Xia Qingyang fumed.

“The point now is, how do we deal with Jiang Yujie! That hussy who dares to steal whats mine! She isnt stealing my man, shes stealing my money!”

Xia Qingyang said coldly, “I bet her ambitions arent small.

How can anyone be satisfied with just being a mistress”

Back then, that was what shed said to Lu Qiyuan—that she was satisfied as long as she was with him, no matter her status.

And she couldnt fight with Xia Qingwei too, since shes her sister.

Shed already stolen her man, she couldnt steal her position too.

Shed even strongly insisted for Lu Qiyuan to not say it; she feared her sister would be upset.

Wasnt that the same exact tricks shed used

What fearing Xia Qingwei would be upset, etc., etc.

She couldnt wait to kick Xia Qingwei away and take over her position.

This move was merely an advance in the guise of a retreat.

Letting Lu Qiyuan assume shed bear anything for him, that she didnt care for anything else but him.

Her love was for him, not for that position and status.

And step by step, shed made Lu Qiyuan feel apologetic towards her.

Then she gave birth to Lu Qi, and she used her to make a fuss.

One day, itd be about some kid bullying Lu Qi, the next day, itd be about someone seeing Lu Qi through colored lenses.

Slowly but surely, Lu Qiyuan felt he was doing Lu Qi wrong too.

Lu Man was the legitimate child, enjoying all its privileges.

But Lu Qi was despised, and so stressed that she didnt even dare venture out.

Every time he went back, shed question him, asking why they said she didnt have a daddy.

Why they said her mom was shameless.

Hearing these types of questions many times made Lu Qiyuan increasingly apologetic towards Lu Qi.

Lu Qiyuans logic at that time was that, since Lu Man was already the legitimate child, and since he didnt have any love towards Xia Qingwei, a divorce wouldnt affect Lu Mans reputation while he could still give Lu Qi a proper family.

So she wouldnt be mocked by others.

And hence, Xia Qingyang got what she wanted.

In reality, any mistress who didnt want to become the official wife was a failed mistress.

Because of her own experience as a mistress, Xia Qingyang knew Jiang Yujies thoughts very well.

They were all the same—everyone knew the truth!

She could even assume Jiang Yujie would definitely use the same method to hook Lu Qiyuan.

After so many years, Lu Qiyuan was still falling for the same tricks!

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