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Chapter 2187: How Can I Believe You!

She saw Xia Qingyang standing below, surrounded completely by neighbors from all around the neighborhood, more than half of whom were known by her family.

Xia Qingyang was standing down below and mentioning how Lu Qiyuan had gifted her a car.


Jiangs face darkened and he rushed over again.

“Whats going on That woman downstairs is spouting nonsense!” Mr.

Jiang said.

He then rushed to the toilet in a rage and took a mop out.

He was about to take the mop down to settle scores with Xia Qingyang.

Jiang Yujie held him back.

“Dad, Dad, you… dont rush down just like that.”

“Its fine! Even if I hit her and the police arrest me, I want to protect my daughters reputation!” Mr.

Jiang said.

He thought that Jiang Yujie was afraid that he would suffer and stopped him because of that.

But Jiang Yujie still did not let him go.


Jiang then noticed that something was wrong and looked at Jiang Yujie.

Seeing how she hesitated and minced her words, Mr.

Jiang suddenly threw the mop aside and said, “Dont tell me whatever that woman downstairs is saying is the truth”

“Dad, I have never done any shameful deeds,” Jiang Yujie said.

“Please trust me.”

“How can I trust you!” Mr, Jiang said angrily.

“You went to ruin someone elses family!”

“She deserves it!” Jiang Yujie shouted.

“Back then, she also became a mistress and chased away her husbands first wife so she could marry him.

This is happening to her because she snatched someone elses family.

Shes not a good person herself, yet she still has the cheek to talk about me”

If this were someone else, she might not have used such a method.

But the other party was Xia Qingyang, so Jiang Yujie did not feel bad about it at all.

Anyway, she was not a good person at all.

Just take it that this was karma for Xia Qingyang.

“That first wife was even her biological elder sister! She snatched her elder brother-in-law and chased her biological elder sister out of the house.

And before that, her biological elder sister had been taking care of all her needs because her life had been tough, but she actually bit the hand that fed her.”

“But this doesnt give you a reason to break up someones family!” Mr.

Jiang said furiously.

“Even if shes not a good person, does that mean you can go and ruin her family and become a mistress And that one is an old man.

Hes even older than me, right!

“Now this whole place knows that you became the mistress of an old man and ruined someone elses family.

How can I and your mom go outside and face other people now When we see other people, how can we lift our heads up!” Mr.

Jiang was so enraged that his eyes reddened.

“We will all have to be pointed at and scolded by others.

Well get criticized behind our backs!”

Jiang Yujie cried and shook her head.

“Dad, believe me, I have my own reasons!”

“No reason is worth you becoming the mistress of someone!” Mr.

Jiang said angrily.

“Tell me, are you attracted to his money We are poor and cant give you a good life.

But as a person, you should be decent and righteous!”

“If you want to think of it that way, then so be it!” Jiang Yujie did not explain her side.

“In any case, I have my own reasons for doing this.

It is not because of money.

Even if I lead a very simple life and dont earn so much, I will be content as long as I can get by.”

“Then why did you do this” Mr.

Jiang said furiously.

Jiang Yujie said its not because of money

But when he asked her for the reason, she refused to say it.

How was Mr.

Jiang supposed to believe her

“Anyway, I have my own reasons,” Jiang Yujie said.

“One day, you will both know.”

“You…” Mr.

Jiang was so angry, he bent over and picked up the mop he had just thrown on the ground.

He wanted to use it to hit Xia Qingyang at first, but now, he wanted to use it to hit Jiang Yujie.

“Dad!” Mrs.

Jiang quickly stopped him.

Even if he disapproved of it, that was his own daughter!


Jiang was at the top of his rage.

He really wanted to give Jiang Yujie a good beating.

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