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What did it mean that the company did not choose Lu Man

It meant that in the eyes of the higher-ups, the proposal Lu Man made for Du Lins comeback was not that impressive or important; it was not as awesome as publicized by people.

Lu Man: “…”

Lu Man kept feeling like Han Zhuoli did it on purpose, he could have given the nomination to anyone else, but he purposely gave it to Xia Mengxuan.

This man had always been black-bellied, he just wanted to see the expression Xia Mengxuan would have on seeing Lu Man nominated as well!

But Lu Man could not bother to acknowledge Xia Mengxuans gloating and concentrated on her work.

In the end, for the next few days, Xia Mengxuan kept gloating about it like a vile person.

She would take every single opportunity to brag about her nomination in front of Lu Man.

However, Lu Man just thought of it as watching a comedy show, it was fun to watch an actor perform badly in front of her every day.

On the other hand, Sister Li admired Lu Man a lot as even though Xia Mengxuan kept flaunting and showing off in front of her, Lu Man kept a neutral attitude, not having a single reaction and focusing on her work.

Thus, it looked like a solo performance by Xia Mengxuan, such an idi*t!

Finally, the most awaited Friday arrived, Xia Mengxuan and Chen Shimian would be going together to the awards ceremony at night.

For the awards ceremony, Xia Mengxuan had even gone to a boutique and steeled her heart to buy an evening gown worth more than 9000 yuan.

Whereas, instead of buying anything Lu Man just wore a formal suit that gave her a look of a capable and experienced professional.

She did not need to explain as Han Zhuoli could already tell what she was thinking, “Youre right, its the award ceremony for the Gold Finger Award and all the attendees are talented professionals from the industry, one needs to be sophisticated, brave and have a trustworthy temperament.”

Lu Mans outfit suited the atmosphere for an industry talent; it was not a companys annual banquet for the attendees to fight over attention and neither it was like a party requiring attendees to flaunt by dressing up like celebrities.

This awards ceremony would be even more professional and the truth was, it was just another corporate competition.

For such occasions, wearing a floor-length gown was inappropriate.

Han Zhouli felt that Lu Man had thoughtfully considered all that as she had been originally learning fashion designing and knew the appropriate clothing for every occasion.


Just as five minutes were left for working hours to get over, Wu Lize came out to talk to Chen Shimian and Xia Mengxuan.

Even though Chen Shimians attitude was quite good, right now, he could not help but be excited, unable to calm down and continue doing his work as usual.

So Wu Lize had Chen Shimian and Xia Mengxuan stop whatever work they were doing and told them to get ready to leave for the event.

“The two of you dont need to be nervous,” Wu Lize said, “Chen Shimians attitude is quite good so I wont say anything else.

Its a prestigious award, if you get it, then it is a recognition of your ability.

However, if you dont get it, then just continue to work hard as it means that you still have areas you need to improve on.

So, Xia Mengxuan, control and compose yourself.

I know that this is your only chance to get the Newcomer Award, but the Newcomer Award is also very competitive, every nominated person is on a par with you, having just one chance.

Keep a healthy mindset and dont place so much emphasis on winning or losing.

Even if you dont get it, it isnt utterly devastating.”

Unhappy upon hearing words that were originally meant to get her to relax, Xia Mengxuan complained, “Manager Wu, how could you say this Its like you are looking down on me, believing that I wont get the award.

I will definitely get the award and prove to you all that Im not lacking at all!”

Xia Mengxuan felt that if it was Lu Man instead of her, Wu Lize would not say those words.

But why did she not think that if it were Lu Man, would Lu Man be as boastful as her

Wu Lize was so angry that he laughed.

Actually, he had seen how high-key she was these days, boasting and flaunting herself, making everyone in the office feel disgusted.


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