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“Miss, youre called Lu Qi… arent you Thats the name, right” one middle-aged woman asked.

Lu Qi was furious.

She was someone famous, after all!

And the woman couldnt even remember her name.

“Youve got to be careful,” the auntie said.

“You should look at your mom as a lesson to be learned.

Your mom used to be young and pretty, and thats why your dad abandoned his original spouse.

The wife who was laboring over household chores turned into a haggard woman, and thats why he came to hate her.

“And now look, he hates your mom for becoming old and ugly, so he went for a younger one.

“Youve got to learn from her!” The auntie was either truly cautioning Lu Qi or further aggravating her.

“Isnt your fiance stolen from your sister too

“I remember now.

Your fiance didnt like that your sister was unloved by your dad.

He thought being with her was disadvantageous, and thats why he moved on to you, wasnt it I recall the news commenters saying this.” The auntie was rather up-to-date.

“So youve got to beware too.

Your dads got someone new now, so youre probably going to be out in the cold soon.

If he cant gain anything from you, that fiance of yours might abandon you too.” With that, she turned to the people beside her.

“See, those types of men are unreliable.

If you can steal them from others, others can steal them away too.

Those kinds of men should be avoided.

You shouldnt want them even if you can steal them!

“Thats why they say Lu Man and her mom were smart.

They wanna steal the men Just hand them over, then.

They didnt want the men anymore.”

“Thats right, I heard Lu Mans mom remarried, and her husbands mighty impressive.

Some piano virtuoso”

“Hes a violin maestro! And is the worlds number one violin maestro.

But the main thing is, hes really good to her.”

“Which is why they say the mother and daughter were really clever! Moreover, the good get their karma.

They were bullied, and the Heavens saw it and made it up to them.

Look at Lu Man, shes now a young wife of a wealthy family.

Its such a big family too!”

Everyone voiced their opinions, and eventually, the discourse turned into them criticizing Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

Steam poured out from Xia Qingyangs ears as she pointed at them.

“You are all getting it wrong! This hussys out doing wrong at a young age, and youre not criticizing her but us”

“She might be in the wrong, but you both are also…” The implication that both parties were equally in the wrong and didnt deserve to be pitied lingered in the unspoken words.


Jiang seized the chance to interject, “You better leave now! Or Im calling the police!”

“My child did wrong, and Ill correct her myself.

We didnt teach her right, so she made a mistake! But you cant just hit people!” Mrs.

Jiang still had her wits and didnt say anything about Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi being bad apples as well.

But thats what she thought.

Jiang Yujie became a mistress and broke up other peoples family, thats what Jiang Yujie did wrong.

Nothing to be refuted there.

But knowing Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi committed the same disgusting acts last time really made it hard to sympathize with them.

When it came to her daughter, she felt it was her fault for not teaching her correctly.

How could her daughter do this

One shouldnt become the same as them just because these two were bad people.

But if she were one of the bystanders, shed also say that those two deserved it!

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