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Chapter 2194: Cant Tell Right from Wrong

The onlookers all chimed in, “Alright, stop hitting her.

She did wrong, but let her parents teach her and make her break up with your husband.

Talk things calmly, dont use violence!”

“Im cautioning you too.

Its one thing to seek out this girl for revenge, its another to restrain your husband.

There are many more ladies out there even with this girl out of the picture.

Your husbands not some proper gentleman either.”

“You… You all…” Xia Qingyang pointed angrily at them.

“Cant tell right from wrong!”

“If you dont leave now, Im calling the police!” Mrs.

Jiang cut in.

How could Lu Qi let the police intervene

Hearing that, she quickly grabbed Xia Qingyang and gave her a look.

Xia Qingyang then let it go.

She returned with Lu Qi to their car.

However, she did not enter.

She went to the trunk and retrieved a baseball bat.

Xia Qingyang, wielding the bat, then walked towards Jiang Yujies car.

“Isnt this the car my husband gave you” Xia Qingyang raised the bat high and swung hard at the front window.

“Thats for driving it!”

“It cost 200,000 Id rather pretend that Ive fed it to the dogs than let you touch it!” Xia Qingyang harangued as she wrecked the car.


Jiang held on to Jiang Yujie, afraid shed try to stop Xia Qingyang.

What if she got bashed by Xia Qingyang

Jiang Yujie didnt consider going anyway.

She had no interest in the car, so she huddled with Mrs.

Jiang and watched Xia Qingyang destroying the car with gusto.

When she finished smashing the front window, she went on to the rear windows.

Along with the side mirrors.

She had wanted to twist them off, to no avail.

The front hood was heavily dented in many parts from her efforts.

All the car doors suffered the same fate too.

Certain that the car was now undrivable, Xia Qingyang then left with Lu Qi.

“Who knew thered be a troublemaker there! I have a feeling the one who criticized us did it on purpose.” Xia Qingyang fumed.

“We didnt get to punish that hussy properly this time.

How aggravating!”

“Says who” Lu Qi replied.

“There are other methods.”

Xia Qingyang turned to look at her.

“What methods”

“Youve beaten her until her face is swollen, so hows she going to go work” Lu Qi said.

“Anyway, shes definitely going to complain to Dad about you making trouble for her.

Dad will know regardless, so we have nothing to hide.

Why dont we do a pre-emptive strike instead”

She continued, “Well head to the company now, and youll pretend you hadnt just sought out Jiang Yujie.

Youd basically look for Jiang Yujie at the office.

As for after, its up to your improvisation.”

Xia Qingyang was enlightened by Lu Qi.

After all, her daughter was someone whod successfully stolen He Zhengbai from Lu Man.

What a pity, if only they had managed to snag Han Zhuoli from Lu Man too.

How could that He Zhengbai compare!

Sadly, Han Zhuoli refused every single advance.

Shed never seen such a heartless man.

Hence, both sped towards the Lu Corporation.

Over at the other side, Mrs.

Jiang quickly went home with Jiang Yujie.

Though the bystanders heavily judged Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi, they looked down on Jiang Yujie too.

A fine young lady, yet she just had to become some old guys mistress.

She could betray everything and anything just for money.

Hence, they did not leave immediately but watched the two Jiangs leave before dispersing and commenting.

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