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Chapter 2195: Revenge

Jiang Yujie returned home to see her father smoking on the couch with a heavy expression.


Jiang sighed.

“Yujie, you… just break up with that man, alright And resign from the company too, alright”


Jiang advised, “You saw it too, his wife isnt someone to trifle with.

We cant afford to deal with her.

What if she got someone to harm you”

Jiang Yujies face was swollen, and her hair was a birds nest.

She looked a terrible mess.

“Mom, I want to be alone for a while.” With that, she retreated alone to her room.


Jiang rubbed her face, feeling upset, and sighed heavily.

They had been honest citizens their whole lives, and yet, first their son… and now their daughter…

Jiang Yujie changed the moment she entered her room.

She didnt look defeated in any way.

Rather, she glowed with confidence.

She grabbed a brush to comb her hair, and though her scalp stung, her face remained impassive.

Apart from the initial pain making her pause, she continued as if she was fine.

She locked the door when she finished combing her hair.

Then dialed a number.

“Miss Lu, its me.”

“Miss Jiang,” Lu Man greeted.

“Thanks for the person you sent.

Things proceeded smoothly,” Jiang Yujie said.

Lu Man sighed in relief upon hearing that.

At first, Jiang Yujie had approached her and asked her about Lu Qiyuans taste in women.

Lu Man had thought Jiang Yujie was greedy and was after Lu Qiyuans money.

Shed assumed that Jiang Yujie thought, since Lu Man and Xia Qingyang were at odds with each other, Lu Man would help her for sure in seducing Lu Qiyuan and upsetting Xia Qingyang.

Hence, Lu Man hadnt planned to tell Jiang Yujie anything much.

Jiang Yujie could seduce Lu Qiyuan all she wanted, but Lu Man wouldnt help her at all.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yujie said, “I want revenge, and I want to gather evidence.

To give my brother the justice he deserves and for Lu Qiyuan to be punished!”

Lu Man then decided to continue hearing Jiang Yujie out.

“What exactly is the matter”

Jiang Yujie recounted how her brother went to jail because of accepting bribes.

In reality, Lu Qiyuan was competing with another company for a government project, and her brother was the one in charge.

The decision-making power was in her brothers hands.

“Lu Qiyuan somehow caught wind that my brother was partial towards the other company,” Jiang Yujie said.

“Ive thought about it.

Since theyd had to make a decision, they must have had many discussions.

Many were involved, and someone certainly leaked the information.

“Lu Qiyuan heard about it and reported my brother for taking bribes, then transferred a huge amount of money into his account,” she continued.

“My brother hence went to jail, and the other company lost their qualification to compete, allowing Lu Qiyuan to win the project.”

Her brother was obviously wronged.

It was only that he was completely blindsided back then and couldnt think of anyone suspicious.

Since Lu Qiyuan did it, he wouldnt let others discover it was him.

The source of the money became a mystery.

Add to that how her family had employed only an average lawyer, and her brother was sentenced.

Once in jail, hed had the time to slowly calm down and consider things, connecting the dots to Lu Qiyuan.

Jiang Yujie said, “I was still in university then, in year four.

So not long after, the moment I graduated last summer, I thought of ways to get into the Lu Corporation and become Lu Qiyuans assistant.”

Shed planned to get closer to him step by step.

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