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Chapter 2200: Isnt This Funny

When the people in the secretarial office heard Xia Qingyangs shouts, they all hurriedly came out.

When they saw it was Xia Qingyang, the manager of the secretarial office also hurriedly came over.

“Madam, you are—” the manager quickly asked.

“Wheres Jiang Yujie” Xia Qingyang shouted loudly.

“That shameless thing.

She came here to be an assistant, yet she ended up seducing her boss.

Does she really think I dont exist!”

Everyone exchanged glances in shock.

Some people were hiding.

When they heard this shocking piece of gossip, they quickly sent a message to people from other departments.

Hence, quite a few people also secretly came up and hid around the corners to watch.

The manager was stunned for a few seconds before reacting.

“Madam, what are you saying How can Jiang Yujie…”

“How can she not! Call her out, I will confront her to her face!” Xia Qingyang hollered.

The manager could only say, “Jiang Yujie applied for leave today.”

“Yo! What a coincidence! I came to look for her today and she took leave” Xia Qingyang raised her eyebrow and lifted her chin, raising her voice even louder to say, “Dont tell me she knew she got exposed and felt guilty, so she went into hiding!”

Lu Qiyuan was not in his office and was having a meeting at the moment.

In the meeting room, through the thick door, he heard the commotion outside.

He thought at first that he heard wrongly.

But other people heard it too.

Someone frowned and said, “Whos making a ruckus outside”

As Jiang Yujie had taken leave, another secretary substituted for her last minute.

Lu Qiyuan was about to ask the secretary to go out and take a look.

Yet when the secretary checked her phone, her face turned pale and she immediately whispered a few words to Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Qiyuans face darkened and he said, “Lets pause the meeting for now.

You all wait here, nobody is to go out!”

If he let them go out, would that not be worse

They would all see him make a joke of himself!

Its true that after Xia Qingyang caused this commotion, everyone in the whole company would eventually know about it.

But hearing about it was one thing.

He could still not let people see it.

When Lu Qiyuan came out of the meeting room, he immediately closed the door, afraid that someone would see the situation outside.

He looked left and right.

Those people who seized the chance to come up and watch the show all cowered guiltily.

Lu Qiyuan walked over and heard Xia Qingyang screaming, “Call her back to see me! She thinks everything will be fine after taking leave Impossible!

“Today, I will let all of you know what your end will be like if you dare to seduce your boss!” Xia Qingyang shouted loudly.

“Jiang Yujie, that nasty, shameless thing.

I knew long ago that she was no good!

“She dared to pretend to be an innocent lady in front of my daughter.

But with Lu Qiyuan, shes seductive him with her looks.

Behind our backs, what else would she not dare to do” Xia Qingyang said.

“I just found it strange.

Why do young ladies nowadays not want to work and live decently They want to choose shortcuts and seduce other peoples husbands!”

Xia Qingyang shouted loudly, “Jiang Yujie is around my daughters age.

My husband is old enough to be her dad!”

If someone else said this, everyone would definitely think she was justified in saying this.

But now, Xia Qingyang was the one saying all these.

Wasnt this funny

Some people who were in hiding were even holding back their laughter.

Xia Qingyangs voice was loud, and it reverberated throughout the long corridor.

The employee hiding at the corner of the turn at the end of the corridor could even hear her words clearly.

Someone said in a small voice, “If someone else said this, itd be quite justified.

But for our Madam CEO to say such words, isnt it funny”

“Exactly.” Someone at the side continued, “Who doesnt know that she also snatched CEO from her elder sisters hands by becoming a mistress back then”

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