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Chapter 2211: Break Up

Jiang Yujie paused but eventually continued her dash down.

When Lu Qiyuan spotted Jiang Yujie, he saw that her face was at its worst.

It shocked him terribly.

However, the injury didnt make her face look ugly.

The swollen area was reddish, and on her fair skin, this made her appear even more pitiful.

Lu Qiyuan pulled Jiang Yujie into his embrace.

“Im sorry, youve been aggrieved.”

Jiang Yujie shook her head.

“Its nothing.

I know its all my fault.

“I broke up your family and became the third party in your relationship,” Jiang Yujie said, holding her tears back.

“Ive always been conflicted.

I know Im in the wrong, but I just cant leave you.

“I dont want to compete with Madam, but even so, I still hurt her.

I know this.

So she hit me, she scolded me, and its what I deserve.

I shouldnt even argue back.” Jiang Yujie finally burst into tears.

But it was restrained, and the tears only flowed silently down her face.

Lu Qiyuan pulled her into his arms with his heart aching for her.

“But Im the one who did wrong.

It has nothing to do with my parents! Theyre innocent!” Jiang Yujie sobbed.

“Im not only sorry towards Madam, but I also did wrong by my parents!

“Theyre already old, yet I embarrassed them in front of all our neighbors, and they dont even dare go out now.”Jiang Yujie shook her head.

“Im unfilial, only thinking of myself and of my own happiness while causing them suffering.”

Jiang Yujie gently pushed Lu Qiyuan, taking a step back.

“Lets… lets break up.

“I cant let my parents live a life of constant criticism.

I dont care if its only myself, Id stay by your side.

But I cant be unfilial.

Im sorry, but compared to my own love, my parents are more important.

I have to let them live peacefully at their age.”

How could Lu Qiyuan allow that He could only think that this girl was too kind and innocent.

Xia Qingyang had already behaved so atrociously, yet Jiang Yujie still felt apologetic towards her.

“Ill divorce Xia Qingyang,” Lu Qiyuan said.

“What” Jiang Yujie quickly shook her head.

“You cant, you cant divorce her because of me.

Ive already made such a big mistake, I cant pile on even more.

“I know its too late to say this now, but I shouldnt have gotten together with you back then.

I only cared about my own happiness but caused hurt to so many people…”

“Its not your problem,” Lu Qiyuan replied.

“Remember what I told you before I already wanted to divorce her, because she and Lu Qi collaborated with others to harm me.

“One is my wife, one is my daughter, and the other is my future son-in-law.” Lu Qiyuan sneered.

“Those three should be my closest family, yet they colluded to harm me when I was sick.

“How can I let such people remain at my side Even if you hadnt appeared and I wasnt with you, Id still divorce her,” Lu Qiyuan explained.

“Its not just Xia Qingyang, Ill never let Lu Qi and He Zhengbai off as well,” he said coldly.

“He Zhengbai is understandable.

Hes not family, after all.

Hes only with Lu Qi for the advantages.

“But as my biological daughter, Lu Qi has been pampered with all my heart since she was young and I never did her wrong.

She enjoyed all the privileges while Lu Man had all the suffering,” Lu Qiyuan continued.

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