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Chapter 2212: Heavy or Light

“If Lu Man targeted me, Id understand.

But the one who shouldnt betray me the most is Lu Qi!”

Jiang Yujie thought, Glad you know that!

Had Lu Qiyuan treated Lu Man better, he wouldnt be left all alone and be betrayed by his family today.

Lu Man would have helped and protected him no matter what.

Unlike the ungrateful Lu Qi.

Lu Qiyuan deserved it.

He deserved no sympathy.

Lu Qiyuan unexpectedly could be hard-hearted enough to sue even his own daughter.

Unknowing of Jiang Yujies thoughts, he grasped her hand.

“Ive already told Xia Qingyang about the divorce today.

Except she wanted to use the divorce to gain my assets.

Shes stepping on my toes.”

Lu Qiyuan said, “She has evidence of us together, so Ive got to attack first.”

Jiang Yujie nodded with an air of helplessness and innocence.

Lu Qiyuan said, “Rest assured, Xia Qingyangs going to jail.

The divorce is proceeding even if she doesnt want it, nor can she get her hands on my assets.

“After I divorce her, well get married.

Lu Man had long stopped treating me as a dad, and Lu Qis betrayed me.

Ive given up on them.

Not a single cent of my inheritance will go to them.

“Im far older than you.

Needless to say, Ill die first.

My assets will all go to you.

Even if Im not around, I can still guarantee you a good life.”

Jiang Yujie acted as if she was extremely moved.

Yet she mocked Lu Qiyuan in her heart for immediately rushing into another marriage.

Back when he divorced Xia Qingwei, hed instantly married Xia Qingyang.

And now, he had yet to separate from Xia Qingyang and hes already planning to marry her.

“Dont worry about your parents,” Lu Qiyuan said.

“I know I might be old, but Im sure I can convince them.

“However, even if we married, your neighbors might still judge your parents because of Xia Qingyangs actions,” he continued.

“I have a house at Shanshui Bay.

Why dont you move your parents there Otherwise, your parents will keep experiencing criticisms from the neighbors.”

Jiang Yujie considered it before saying, “Alright, Ill discuss it with them when I go back.

They might not agree, but Ill persuade them.”

“Great.” Lu Qiyuan smiled.

“Are you hurt anywhere else”

“No.” Jiang Yujie shook her head.

“Madam only slapped me.

Probably doesnt want me to show my face to others.”

“Have you applied ointment” Lu Qiyuan questioned.

“I have, dont worry.”

Afterward, whether it was because of peoples wagging tongues or the methods Jiang Yujie had employed…

Whether it was because her parents were sick of the place or because they got persuaded by Jiang Yujie…

They moved into the house Lu Qiyuan had mentioned.

It was far away from the original neighbors, in a new place where no one knew of Jiang Yujies deeds.

Meanwhile, the evidence against Xia Qingyang and the other two was mounting.

This day, He Zhengbai, Lu Qi, Xia Qingyang, Lawyer Huang, and Xia Qingyangs lawyer were together.

Lawyer Huang said, “Lu Qiyuan has had enough preparation, and he began checking since long ago.

The situation now is our expected worst circumstance.

We cant win this lawsuit—the final outcome you three could expect is how heavy or light the sentence will be.”

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