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Chapter 2214: Just Deceiving You

“I-Im still young,” Lu Qi continued, bursting into tears, “six years isnt much to me.

Ill blink and itll be over.

Ill only be 30 when Im out, its okay.

So Ill take the blame solely.

We have to… save everyone as much as possible.”

He Zhengbai also said lovingly, “Dont worry, Auntie.

Ill wait for Qi Qi.

Well marry when she gets out.”

“No!” Xia Qingyang raised her voice.

“How can you be so foolish!”

She snatched Lu Qis hand, looked at He Zhengbai, then dragged her aside, whispering, “Why is it you whos taking the blame The He family also gained lots of advantages during this time.

They want to just take advantage without any costs

“Moreover, He Zhengbais a guy.

Any gains he made wont be less than yours.

But at the crucial time, youre the one taking all the blame” Xia Qingyang lowered her voice.

“Dont be so foolish!”

“But what else can we do” Lu Qi cried softly.

“The He family would protect him for sure.

Mom, were different from He Zhengbai.

The He family will ensure He Zhengbais safety.

What about us Who will protect us We can only depend on Dad, and hes the one intent on sending us to jail this time.

“Without him, who can we rely on” Lu Qi sobbed.

“And look at our lawyer.

Had he said anything useful in front of Lawyer Huang Lawyer Huangs the best in this area, but that lawyer of ours Already afraid just from seeing Lawyer Huang!

“He has no right to speak! Furthermore, even if we change lawyers, he wouldnt be up to Lawyer Huangs standard.

The initiatives all in the He familys hands now.”

“Based on what!” Xia Qingyang was infuriated.

“They took advantage of us and want to bear no responsibility when trouble arrives! Were the ones paying the price instead!”

“So what Sadly, were already far more disadvantaged compared to them!” Lu Qi said.

“In the past, He Zhengbai and I were rather evenly matched in terms of background.

But… but now that Dads suing us and youre divorcing him, it means Dads abandoning us.

Now that hes suing me, what would the Lu family properties have to do with me in the future We no longer have the Lu family as our shield.

“I have nothing now.

For the He family, it means Im marrying above my station.

With our current situation, how can I find someone similar to He Zhengbai Even if I like the person, he wouldnt like me! All I can do is to never let go of He Zhengbai,” she continued.

“Silly girl! You think you can hold on to him” Xia Qingyang pressed.

“You think that by helping him shoulder the blame, hell really wait for you Its six years! You already had qualms about him when youre with him.

You wont even be able to control him from prison! Can you really guarantee hell wait six years for you

“Also, hes just saying it nicely now.” Xia Qingyang sneaked a peek at He Zhengbai, noticing he was discussing something with Lawyer Huang.

Looking at He Zhengbai and Lawyer Huang, Xia Qingyang felt that they were collaborating about duping her and Lu Qi.

Just because they were the weaker party now.

Shes really regretting allowing He Zhengbai to mix into this business back then!

“Hes only trying to deceive you into helping him take the blame.”

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