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Chapter 2228: Was the Sunset Red

This was her husband after all, even if he did not know her in his past life.

But at least with this lifetime in her memory, if she knew that in another time and place, hed married another woman and also treated another woman so well, she would still be very angry and very jealous.

But if she did not know, at least she could still comfort herself in her heart.

“Dont say that word anymore.” Han Zhuoli frowned and said, “It makes me uncomfortable hearing that.”

“Oh, I wont say it anymore.” Lu Man nodded very obediently.

Saying it was such bad luck, she really should not talk about this so casually.

“If you were 30 then, I would have been 38.

If at that age, I was still single and did not even have a girlfriend, then I probably havent thought of accepting an average woman and probably would not have accepted it afterward.

Thus, I probably just lived alone for the rest of my life,” Han Zhuoli said.

Thinking about it, it sounded true too.

Given Han Zhuolis qualities, would finding a girlfriend not be a very easy thing for him to do

As long as he said that he wanted to find a girlfriend, who knew how many girls would go up to him of their own accord

Actually, he had never worried about finding a girlfriend.

He only met Lu Man when he was 30.

This showed that he was someone with taste, and he did not just find someone to get married or to have a successor, much less to satisfy his biological needs.

He just wanted to find someone he loved and who loved him, to find a soulmate to spend the rest of his life with.

So in his whole past life, he never got married.

Lu Man did not know what happened after she died.

Han Zhuoli also did not know what happened in his past life.

But in fact, even after Lu Man died, Han Zhuoli still remained single, and he did so until his death.

Han Zhuoli did not remember his past life though.

Hearing him say that, Lu Man still felt very happy and believed it.

Only he knew himself best.

Since Han Zhuoli already said so, then it was definitely like that.

“If in this lifetime, I had not met you,” Han Zhuoli said, “I would probably not have found someone else either.

After all, I didnt meet someone for thirty years, I only met you afterward.

Then, apart from you, for the next thirty years, it would probably be very difficult for me to meet another.”

Lu Man could not help but feel bad and reproachful of herself.

If Han Zhuoli met someone

If he met someone he could fall in love with again

Although she knew that this scenario did not exist, she still could not help but think about it.

It was because she had it before, that was why she could not bear to see him love someone else other than her.

“If I hadnt met you in my past life and was single for the first thirty years of my life, what makes you think I could do within the next twenty years something I wasnt able to do in the first thirty-eight years of my life In another twenty-two years, I would have been 60 already.

When can I go and find true love then In my sunset years” Han Zhuoli said sarcastically.

Although, he was very happy too that she cared about him so much.

“Anyway, in this life, I already met you.

I wont even take a second glance at other women.

Do you think I will even discover the possibility that I might fall in love with someone else” Han Zhuoli pursed his lips and said, “Stop spouting nonsense.”

Lu Man laughed when he said “sunset years.”

“I know, Im having wild thoughts,” Lu Man said.

“Anyway, you belong to me only for both of your lifetimes,” Lu Man said.

“Yes.” Han Zhuoli nodded.

He did not doubt this at all.

He was very confident about his choice.

Better to have nothing than something shoddy.

If he never met her, he would rather be single and not find anyone.

Anyway, it didnt matter even if Old Mrs.

Han was very anxious and urged him so much back then.

Actually, even if he never found someone, Old Mrs.

Han could not have had a say in anything either.

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