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Upon seeing her name appear on the screen, Xia Mengxuan instantly straightened her back, feeling smug.

Then, she looked at Lu Man provocatively.

Right after that, another line appeared below, which read, “Han Corporation Media Public Relations Department, Lu Man!”

Xia Mengxuan froze up violently, disbelief written all over the face.

She stared harshly at Lu Mans name on the screen, almost as if her gaze could pierce a hole on the screen.

Why was Lu Mans name there!

The company clearly did not nominate her, right

Turning her head around, Xia Mengxuan stared Lu Man in the eye.

Disregarding the occasion and place she asked as she could not hold back herself anymore, “Why are you there”

“Ha!” Chen Shimian let out a sarcastic laugh from his heart, extremely satisfied.

“This place was always meant to be Lu Mans.

If Wu Lize didnt worry about you making a huge fuss over Lu Man being nominated instead of you and making all of us from the public relations department lose face, and if he didnt take pity on you as this year was your last opportunity, do you still expect that this spot would be given to you Surely, a crying baby gets milk first! Thankfully, the CEO had a nomination spot too and nominated Lu Man.

Xia Mengxuan, how is it you really didnt expect it right Are you surprised Are you happy”

Since he found out that Lu Man managed to get nominated through the president, Chen Shimian could not even care about his nervousness anymore.

He was only eagerly anticipating Xia Mengxuans reaction once she was to find out about this matter.

Indeed, Xia Mengxuan did not disappoint him!

Letting her boast, showing off to Lu Man for an entire week that she didnt even remember her own name.

It was just splendid! With even Lu Man being nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, all the boasting and parading that Xia Mengxuan did for the past week had made her look like a fool.

He did not know whether Xia Mengxuan was surprised, but anyway, he was exceptionally surprised and happy!

To be honest, Chen Shimians words were also condemning Wu Lize.

Other than Xia Mengxuan and Wu Lize, everyone in the Public Relations Department was rather displeased that Wu Lize chose Xia Mengxuan over Lu Man.

Now that the results were out, Chen Shimian eventually could not hold back his tongue.

Upon understanding the meaning behind Chen Shimians words, Wu Lize felt embarrassed and looked straight ahead at the screen awkwardly, afraid of seeing Lu Mans expression.

Even if he had tons of reasons, he himself knew very clearly that regarding this matter, he was the villain.

Although he might have tried to give a very logical yet impressive reason to explain his choice, he did have a little motive doing so.


Because Lu Man had rejected him as she already had a boyfriend, out of his own pride and reluctance to accept it, he just could not help doing it.

He just wanted to prove to Lu Man that if he was Lu Mans boyfriend instead, then this years nomination could have been hers.

He definitely would look out for her and protect her.

He wanted Lu Man to know exactly what she was missing out on.

Even though he may have said that he hoped that Lu Man would understand that this nomination was not at all related to any personal matter.

But in reality, he was still the villain, and even did so for nothing.

“Lu Man, no matter what happens in the future, if something isnt given to you, you should make a fuss too.

If not, just because you dont know how to make a fuss, something beneficial that clearly belongs to you will be given to those who know how to make a fuss,” Chen Shimian felt unsatisfied with what he had already said and continued speaking.

Brother Zhang stealthily tugged on Chen Shimian, reminding him quietly, “Thats enough.

He is still your boss in the end.

You will still be the one who loses out when we get back.”

Only then did Chen Shimian stop talking.

He just could not just stand watching it and could not help himself, that was all.

“You!” Xia Mengxuan was so livid that she was almost going to burst into tears.

Originally, she was supposed to be glamorous tonight but now she had made a fool out of herself!

When Lu Qiyuan saw Lu Mans name on the screen, his face turned dark and he was seeing red.

He just knew that this kid could not lay low and had to make herself stand out somehow!

CEO Jia who had spoken to Lu Qiyuan just now was sitting in the row that was right in front of him.

Turning around, he originally planned to congratulate Lu Qiyuan but upon seeing Lu Qiyuans reaction, he froze instantly.

The congratulatory words got stuck in her throat and he swallowed them back down.


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