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Chapter 2254: Sponsor Daddy Is Even Here Watching

Lan Jiexin said, “Director, can you let Ni Xue stay with us The three of us can squeeze a bit.”

Truth be told, they did not want to share a room with Ni Xue either.

They still did not know that there were cameras inside the room too.

Its just that it was just this one night anyway.

They would just bear with it.

It was not good to let Ni Xue keep crying like that.

To be honest, if there were no cameras there, they would not have cared even if Ni Xue cried a waterfall.

They would not even say a word.

But in front of the cameras, wont they have to show their friendliness and care

Or else they would be attacked by keyboard warriors and fans.

Those people would point out that the two of them were women, but they did not even bother helping out.

But Lu Dongliu rejected it again and said, “No.

One room can only have two people at most.

We must abide by the rules.

If you are to receive the penalty, you should accept the penalty.

Actually, its just sleeping in a tent, its not like youll be sleeping on the streets.

The temperature is suitable for that now.

Its not too cold or too hot at night, and the weather is just nice.

Sleeping in a tent isnt a very difficult ordeal.

“And our production teams staff also sleep in tents, including myself.” Lu Donglius words rebutted Ni Xues previous words.

Liu Chuanhui said in surprise, “How come You all arent staying in a hotel

“This mountain is full of high-end villas.

Our production team cant afford to waste our budget like this.” Lu Dongliu laughed as he said, “Sponsor daddy is even here watching.”

Everyone turned to look at Han Zhuoling.

Was it not true

Sponsor daddy was here!

They all forgot about it!

“If we too stayed in the villas here, it would be way too luxurious.

Our budget doesnt allow us to burn our funds like that,” Lu Dongliu said.

“If we stayed in a normal hotel, in a place very far down at the foot of the mountain, it wont be convenient for us to shoot.

If the guests here have any issue and want to look for us, we wont be able to arrive in time to resolve the matter, so we just pitched tents outside.”

Everyone nodded and said, “I see.”

Zhang Shuidong said very sincerely, “Ni Xue, its because you didnt attend the first episode.

I dont know if you watched it.

The first episode that we participated in was located on a deserted island.

We all slept in tents.

And that islands weather was not as good as it is here.

“There was a huge difference in temperature between day and night.

In the day, it was hot, but at night, it was especially cold.

All the guests and the staff had to sleep in tents outdoors.

Actually, its not something very difficult.

It will just be this one night tonight, try to overcome it!”

Actually, everyone all felt deep down that, since you came to participate in the show, you should adhere to the shows rules.

You want to come to the show to boost your own popularity but dont want to suffer.

How could there be such a sweet deal

It was not like you were some A-list big shot who could throw some big shot temper.

And speaking about big shots, Best Male Actor Zhang Shuidong was here, as well as the internationally renowned celebrity Cao Jingcheng.

Theyd had their fair share of suffering in the previous episodes too.

They did not even say anything, yet Ni Xue really thought she was something.

And actually, Ni Xue was quite foolish.

If you slept in a tent alone, although the conditions were a little poor, that would become a topic!

The production team would surely give you quite a few scenes.

Especially if you portrayed yourself to be suffering a little more yet enduring it and finding joy amid the suffering, making some jokes while pitching the tent clumsily.

These would all be scenes that could go on camera.

As long as her performance was good, the official broadcast version would certainly have a fair share of scenes with her in it, and she could even attract a wave of fans.

Zhang Shuidong and the others with experience had already thought of these things.

He thought to himself that Ni Xue served herself right for not getting famous if she could not even think of these things.

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