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Lu Man did not go out of her way and cause trouble for herself, she directly went past Xia Mengxuan towards the stage.

Wei Zilin had been waiting there for quite some time.

When Lu Man reached, he quickly extended his hand out and shook Lu Mans hand.

“Lu Man, nice to meet you.

Ive heard of you and have been looking forward to meeting you for a while now.

Its great that weve finally met.”

Fortunately, they werent standing near the microphone.

Hence, the audience could only see Wei Zilin smiling as he said something to Lu Man and since they couldnt hear what he was saying, they thought that he was just congratulating Lu Man.

Lu Mans face tinged a light color of pink.

In the “8864” group chat, they have been talking about wanting to meet her, but they never had the chance.

Who knew that she would meet Wei Zilin today under such circumstances.

Just then, the assistant brought the trophy over.

Taking it from her, Wei Zilin then handed it to Lu Man.

He blinked at her, “Sister-in-law, congratulations.”

Lu Man blushed furiously, her face red as she received it.

She pressed her lips into a smile.

“Thank you.”

Just then, the host walked over.

“This time, the judges decided that you would receive the Best Newcomer Award.

They even expressed that even though Miss Lu had just entered the industry, like a dark horse she sprinted her way into the field of view of the elites within the industry.

Miss Lu, would you like to say a few words to express your thoughts on winning the Best Newcomer Award”

Lu Man took the microphone from the hosts hands.

Holding onto it firmly, she looked at the audience.

Many people came for this grand event in the industry, no seats were left empty.

Even someone like Lu Man was a little nervous.

Closing her eyes, she took in a deep breath and then looked up once again.

As she scanned across the crowd, she found it hard to find in the sea of people.

Finally, in the crowd, she found Han Zhuoli.

She fixed her gaze on Han Zhuolis face.

They were very far apart, so honestly she could not clearly see Han Zhuolis features and expressions.

However, as long as she was looking at him, she felt calm and steady and was no longer nervous.

She smiled a little at Han Zhuoli and said, “Im very thankful to my company, Han Corporation, for giving me the room to develop.

Im grateful that Han Corporation didnt solely look at my educational background and rejected me right away, they gave me a chance for an interview instead and an opportunity to showcase my ability.

After entering the company, Im thankful that they gave a newcomer like me this opportunity.”

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli.

At that moment, there were stars shining in her eyes.

“As I stand here right now, I am truly the most grateful to our companys CEO.

Because of his trust, I have the chance to stand here.

He had the faith in me to give such an important job to a newcomer like me, he had absolute trust in my ability.

It was because of his recommendation that I am able to stand on this stage and receive this award.”

Lu Man slowly raised the trophy towards Han Zhuoli, then brought it to her lips and kissed it lightly.

Beneath the stage, Han Zhuolis heart skipped a bit as if she was kissing him.

At that moment, he really wanted to sprint up on stage and hug Lu Man tightly and fiercely kiss this girl.

This girl sure was bold, she had actually confessed to him on stage!

But, she had done it too well!

He was extremely happy and very touched too.

Perhaps only Han Zhuoli and Wei Zilin who knew about it understood the meaning behind Lu Mans words.

The others did not think that it was related to love since not everyone was that foul-minded and low like Lu Qiyuan and Ye Xiaoxing.

However, Lu Mans words made the other companies bosses or leaders feel a little concerned.

Honestly, it was uncommon and rare to bravely assign important cases to newcomers like Han Corporation did, or at least not in their own companies.

An important job such as this would usually be given to those seniors workers who had more experience and qualifications.

Today, at the event, there were so many newcomers in the public relations industry.

With Lu Mans words, it could not be helped that it would tug at many new employees heartstrings.

What if they run off to Han Corporation because of Lu Mans speech


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