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Chapter 2273: The Most Beautiful Surprise in Each Others Lives

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His hair was hard, much harder than hers.

When the tips of his hair brushed against her fingertips, it felt a little prickly and ticklish.

Shi Xiaoya felt it was amusing, and she stopped drawing circles on his skin to instead play with the tips of his hair.

“And it feels a little like Im dreaming,” Shi Xiaoya said gently.

“I never expected that one day, I would actually become Mrs.


That one day, I will marry you.”

In the past, Han Zhuoling to her was just a name she heard from other people.

Everything she knew about Han Zhuoling came from other peoples judgment of him.

Hed felt especially distant.

As if he was a person standing way up in the sky.

He was so much like a legend that she could not even see him, much less get to know him.

And he was still a married man then.

To a complete stranger, she naturally would not have any thoughts.

But fate was just so fascinating.

Someone whom she felt she probably would not even get to know in her lifetime actually became her boyfriend.

He had a wife originally, but he regained singlehood and got together with her.

They were two people who looked like they would not have any connections at all, who looked like they would not have any possibility of getting to know each other at all in this lifetime.

But she now became his fiancee.

And the two of them had shared all kinds of intimacy before.

Was this not fascinating

Han Zhuoling had a gentle smile on his face as he stared deeply at her.

He said in a gentle voice, “I didnt expect it either.

“Actually, I thought that I probably wont get married at all in this lifetime.

My previous marriage was one that I did not want.

Although the elders at home still hoped that I could find someone I liked and remarry,” Han Zhuoling said, “actually, I didnt think I would like someone.

“Liking someone was a feeling that was too unfamiliar to me.

I thought that this was a feeling that will never happen to me.

I even did not know why such a feeling exists, or what meaning there was even if one had it.

“As for children, I was fine without them.

Passing on the family line was not something important to me all this time.

This was the good thing about having brothers.

Zhuoli is married, he and Lu Man would definitely have kids.

Zhuofengs emotions are much more pronounced than mine, and hes more of a human than me,” Han Zhuoling said.

These words, Shi Xiaoya really did not like to hear.

“How can you say that about yourself! Youre so wonderful!”

Han Zhuoling smiled warmly and said, “My thinking has changed now.

What I told you was how I thought previously.

“At that time, because Zhuoli and Zhuofeng were around, I actually felt that even if I dont get married and dont have children, it would be fine.

I felt that getting on alone like this was quite good too.

I didnt have the heart to pay attention to things like love, which to me was a very illusory thing.

“You said you never thought in the past that you would one day get together with me and become my wife.

And I never thought that one day, I would actually like a girl, that I would like her, love her so much.

“That I will want to marry a girl so urgently and want her to become Mrs.

Han, afraid that if I was a step slower, someone would snatch her away,” Han Zhuoling said in a gentle voice.

He had actually racked his brains to think of how to propose.

He never though that he would like someone to the point where that mattered more than everything else.

“We are both the unexpected surprise in each others lives.” Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “I am very grateful that I could meet such a wonderful surprise in my life.”

Shi Xiaoyas eyes warmed and teared up.

Han Zhuolings words were spoken so beautifully.

Indeed, they were both the most beautiful surprise in each others lives.

It was because thinking about it felt unbelievable that now, they still felt that it was surreal.

Actually, before Han Zhuoling proposed, she and him were just in a dating relationship..

Even just before today, she did not even have this kind of feeling.

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