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Han Zhuoli held the most authority.

If he had yet to say anything, the others dared not make a decision either.

Moreover, Sister Li and Brother Zhang were getting on with their age and both felt that at this age they did not really have the energy to play.

Even if it was just a celebration dinner, they would start yawning after a while.

Therefore, everyone quietly headed out.

Back then, in the hotel, Lu Qiyuan was seated quite a few rows away from Lu Man.

After the event ended, the crowd was rushing out of the exit so he couldnt chase after her even if he wanted to.

“President Lu,” Just when Lu Qiyuan was anxiously trying to find Lu Man, CEO Jia called him.

Lu Qiyuan forcefully suppressed the anger burning within him and strained a smile.

“CEO Jia, whats the matter”

“Congratulations, Lu Man is so outstanding,” CEO Jia stuck his hand, chuckling and shook Lu Qiyuans hand.

“Its all because she has good luck,” Lu Qiyuan honestly could not think of any words to praise Lu Man.

“President Lu, could you help introduce me to Lu Man I really admire her talent and ability.

I would like to ask if she is interested in joining my company to develop herself further.

We can have a favorable discussion regarding her working conditions and treatment with us,” CEO Jia asked hopefully.

“CEO Jia,” Lu Qiyuan felt that it was ridiculous, “Although Lu Man received the Best Newcomer Award, she is still a newbie who has just entered the industry, she surely does not deserve such praise and attention from you.

You really regard her as someone special and look up to her this much”

“President Lu, could it be that you dont know” CEO Jia was shocked, “Lu Mans proposal for Du Lin has now become a case example in the teaching materials within the industry.

Right now, all Public Relations companies, be it big or small, are analyzing her proposal.

For us in the Public Relations industry, Lu Man is not just an ordinary newcomer.

Moreover, now that she has received the Best Newcomer Award, there will be plenty of people wanting to scout her over.”

Lu Qiyuans expression was terrible.

Lu Man actually was actually this capable!

“President Lu, we are already long-time old buddies now, help to connect me with Lu Man.

As for her expectations, terms, and conditions, Ill slowly discuss with her, I definitely wont let her lose out.

Hows that” CEO Jia looked at Lu Qiyuan eagerly.

Lu Qiyuan laughed sarcastically.

“Ha, you probably dont know about Lu Mans character.

She wasnt even willing to help her own younger sister.

In the past, I wanted Lu Man to help Lu Qi regain some popularity too, but she refused.

Now that she has grown her wings, she flies on her discretion, I have no say anymore.

CEO Jia, Im telling you the truth because I treat you as my friend.

Lu Man has succeeded just this one time, who can guarantee that she will still succeed the next time too.

Honestly, is Lu Man even capable and worthy of all this If she is really so capable, then why wouldnt she help Lu Qi Isnt it because she was scared that we will figure it out Dont get cheated and end up getting the short end of the stick.”

“Haha,” CEO Jia laughed dryly and did not speak anymore.

It was the first time he had seen a father who looked down on his daughter so much.

When his daughter had a feather in her cap, he suspected whether his daughter truly had the capability.

So, rather than going through Lu Qiyuan, he might as well contact Lu Man directly.

“Alright, I got it.

Ill be heading off first,” CEO Jia said, grinning.

At that moment, Lu Qiyuan wanted to find Lu Man again, but her figure was nowhere to be seen.

He could only give up angrily.

Lu Man and the others had already followed Han Zhuoli out of the hotel.

All this while Brother Zhang and the rest kept suspecting the relationship between Lu Man and Han Zhuoli and hence did not offer to drive Lu Man home.

The few of them left first, leaving Lu Man and Han Zhuoli behind together.

“President, Lu Man, Ill be heading off first then,” Zheng Tianming said, smiling.

Han Zhuoli nodded and Lu Man bade farewell politely.

“Assistant Zheng, be careful on your way back.”

Right then, Han Zhuolis phone rang.

He picked it up and saw that it was a call from Wei Zilin.

“You guys left the hotel already” Wei Zilin talked on the phone as he walked out and happened to see Han Zhuoli standing by the road talking to him over the phone with Lu Man by his side.

“Alright, I see you guys.”


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