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Chapter 2296: Many Tricks Up His Sleeve

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“Haha, so after all this drama, it was just Ni Xue instigating everything.”

At this moment, the TV screen began to show the scenes shot indoors.

Every guest had returned to their rooms.

The other guests were all behaving quite normally.

They just unpacked their luggage while chatting.

But the audience quite liked to watch such scenes.

Everyone was just curious how the guests behaved in private normally.

Even watching them casually chatting was quite interesting.

Yet at this moment, they saw rows of real-time comments speeding up the chatbox.

“High energy ahead.”

“PDA alert ahead.”

“Singles retreat immediately.”

“Married couples retreat immediately.”

Han Zhuofeng said, feeling puzzled, “I understand why singles should retreat, but what on earth do they mean that married couples should also retreat”

Right on the heels of that, there were real-time comments that explained things for them.

“Watching this will easily make married couples quarrel with each other, saying that their married life isnt harmonious.

To prevent quarrels, especially those with girlfriends, please restrain yourselves and dont watch.”

When they saw these comments, it made people even more curious.

What on earth was airing afterward

Not long after, they got their answer.

They saw the camera shift to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas room.

After the two of them chatted for a while, Han Zhuoling carried Shi Xiaoya up onto the cabinet.

By the time the scene changed to the two of them kissing, the real-time comments had already gone crazy.

But the netizens tacitly agreed to keep the size of the real-time comments chatbox to the bottom of the screen, so the scene of the two of them kissing could be seen.

In this way, the space at the bottom of the screen became way too tight.

Everyones words were all squeezed together, and whatever was said could not be seen clearly at all.

Even so, the netizens continued to stubbornly keep the comments chatbox at the bottom of the screen.

“This is the most abusive show for singles Ive ever watched.

Theres no other show thats quite like this.”

“EvenThis Is Love wasnt so abusive to singles.”

This Is Love was the most popular reality dating show right then.

The show invited four lovers or married couples and shot scenes of them during their daily lives, how they were like when they were together and interacting with each other.

Before the special episode of Survivor aired, This Is Love had always been termed as the most abusive show to singles in the country.

But now that this episode came out, when they saw how Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya interacted with each other, people then really understood what abusing singles was really about.

What being passionately in love was really like.

“Their interaction is too sweet.

I want to go and find a boyfriend.”

“At first, when I watch other shows where those celebrity couples or married couples interact with each other, Id still feel that it was quite interesting.

Now that Im watching Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, I feel that there was simply something lacking in those other couples.”

“Its as if the two of them are filming for an idol drama.”

The Han Familys elders had never seen the two of them like this.

After all, the two of them had always been very proper in front of them, and they would not kiss and be intimate in front of the elders.

Now its all good, and they saw it on TV.

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that the production team would actually air this part too.

She instantly blushed furiously.

“I didnt expect that Big Brother is actually so passionate in private!” Han Zhuofeng tsked.

Han Zhuolings expression did not change, and he even pretended to look all decent as he said, “I didnt expect the production team to actually air this part.”

But the production team did not show much of it.

When the audience were getting all hyped up about it, the scene changed to show someone else.

The real-time comment box was filled with the cries and sobs of netizens.

“I already took off my pants, but youre not letting me watch”

“I dont believe theres no more after that.

There must be more.”

“There cant be R-18 scenes afterward, right”

“The person above, dont be silly.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya are not crazy.

Would they do R-18 things in front of the camera Even if you cant see it, the production teams staff and the post-production editors would have.

Han Zhuoling isnt dumb.

What happened afterward was probably just them hugging and kissing and lifting high up.”

“Even if they are just hugging and kissing and lifting high up, I also want to see! Seeing how Han Zhuoling kissed Shi Xiaoya, I can tell he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve!”

“Hes driving1, hes driving again.”

“What to do, I cant help but start to imagine how Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya are like when they are being intimate.

The scene will surely look very good.”

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