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Chapter 2301: Why So Thick-skinned

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“Haha, enough posing for someone not good enough,” someone scoffed.

Lu Man frowned.

These people were already so rude in front of her, so one could only imagine how the previous exchange students had been treated.

“I arrived later only because of some personal affairs, and yet more than one of you assumed I was the ace.

“Seems your school has always been assuming this.” Lu Man pretended to laugh shyly.

“How embarrassing, you all treating me as the trump card.

I dont dare to claim that title.”

Everybody: “…”

Was that what they meant

Thats totally not what they meant, okay

Whats more, they werent praising her!

Claim what title!

It wasnt a praise!

This Eastern woman—so small and cute yet so brazen!

Thats right, they might be mocking Lu Man, but they admitted in their hearts that Lu Man was pretty.

They say foreigners judge beauty differently from Asians.

But thats not exactly true.

They could understand Lu Mans beauty.

When compared to the bigger-built Westerners, Lu Man appeared really small and dainty.

Back home, not only among the female celebrities, Lu Mans height was just right.

A height of 1.65 meters wasnt too intimidating, nor would her roles be restricted because she was too short.

Wearing heels made her cool and domineering too.

Plus, she had a really fine figure.

Because everything was in widescreen nowadays, the industry had tighter demands for actress figures.

To appear even better onscreen, female celebrities often had to be skinnier than the average slim girl.

What was thin in real life would appear fatter on screen.

Many watching celebrities on TV would think their figures were average, but theyd gasp at their very skinny figures seeing them in real life.

Lu Man had never lost weight purposely before.

Han Zhuoli would never let her suffer just for her figure.

Not only Han Zhuoli, but even Xia Qingwei and the Han Family elders would never let her do so.

But though Lu Man was already slim, she was meaty at the appropriate places.

She looked healthy.

And shes not overly skinny from dieting just to appear nice onscreen.

Moreover, Lu Mans appearance was really adaptable.

With light makeup or none, she looked like a cute and young neighborhood girl, far younger than her actual age.

Or she wouldnt have looked the same age as her classmates despite being a couple of years older.

But if she had a more aggressive makeup on, shed look seductive—beautiful yet domineering.

Making guys who love a challenge all eager to take down this thorny rose.

But Lu Man did not like thick makeup herself.

Unless she had to attend any important ceremony or had to match her clothes with the makeup artists work, or had performance requirements, she usually liked light makeup or would go bare-faced.

She looked young and fresh with a slim figure and no makeup, and in the eyes of these Westerners, she looked like an Oriental doll.

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