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Chapter 2313: Looks Like Her Underling

Lu Man thought of something.

“You all will go up on stage to act out for the professor to see.

Then will you all be assigned roles beforehand or”

Han Leilei shook her head and explained, “No.

We will draw lots during class itself to decide.

He wont let students know what their role is beforehand.

You also wont know which character you will pick.

This will require all of us to know and prepare for the lines of all the characters, so that no matter which role we picked, we will be able to manage it.”

Han Leilei said, “Actually, the more I learn here, the more I also quite admire the students here.

They really put in a lot of effort, something which we cannot compare to.”

Han Leileis words made everyone fall silent.

Although they had been looked down on by the students here, which made them really angry, they had to admit that the hard work the students had put in before really could not be compared to theirs.

Everyone chatted for the whole journey until they reached the location of the class.

The professor had not arrived yet.

The students in the acting class gradually arrived.

Lu Man really saw quite a few familiar faces.

They were all those from the team that had gone over to the National Film Academy for the exchange.

Howard was really paying a lot of attention to Lu Man.

He did not stay at the school.

As there were no lessons in the morning, he was not on campus in the morning.

When he got Leos call and learned that Lu Man had already come, Howard immediately came to school.

Hed felt really impatient throughout the whole journey.

All he could think of was how he should deal with Lu Man.

For the class this afternoon, he would definitely have to attend.

It was because of the reason that Han Leilei and the others had mentioned that he had no choice but to go.

Howard did not know that Lu Man would be attending class.

He never thought of this possibility at all.

Because to attend this class, you had to start right from the first lesson.

If you missed one lesson, unless you memorized all the lines well and had the confidence not to make a mistake, you would not dare to come.

Although Lu Man was not worried about grades, she could not possibly come and embarrass herself.

He did not believe that Lu Man would be able to memorize those lines well when she just came today.

Yet unexpectedly, the moment he walked in, he saw Lu Man.

Howards eyes right now could instantly detect and single out Lu Man.

As if he had a pair of titanium eyes.

“Howard!” When Leo saw that Howard had arrived, he immediately waved to him.

Howard saw him and merely nodded.

He was already walking in Lu Mans direction.

Leo saw that and quickly got up to go to Howards side.

“Howard, what are you doing”

Howard scoffed and said, “I see an old friend.

Im going to say hi.”

As he said that, he had already walked up to Lu Man.

“Lu Man, we finally meet again.

Waiting for you to come has really not been easy.

Your attitude is really quite something.”

Lu Man raised an eyebrow.

With that attitude of Howards, Lu Man did not get up.

She remained seated while Howard stood beside her table.

Howard was clearly looking down on Lu Man from a standing position, yet he gave off the feeling as if he was reporting to work to Lu Man.

Howard was directly involved so he did not feel it, but the other students in the class all had this feeling.

Someone said in a small voice to the person beside her, “Do you notice With Howard standing beside Lu Man like that, doesnt it feel like hes her underling”

Thanks to Howards words, everyone now knew this was Lu Man.

Even if the students in the acting class had not seen Lu Man before, there was still the matter of Lu Mans glorious track record in the past.

Specifically, when Lu Man drove Bourbotte back to his home country after their conflict, Lu Mans name became surely well known, even if it was not known throughout Hollywood.

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