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Chapter 2318: Not as Friendly as He Appears to Be

“Yeah.” Han Leilei nodded.

Han Leilei was very smart.

She paused for a moment and understood Lu Mans words.

“You mean—”

“Previously, you guys said that you were all getting bullied and mocked at this school.

Did anyone come and stand up for you guys and help” Lu Man asked.

Zhou Li shook her head.

“Some people would take quite good care of us in private.

This is the first time we came here, so we are not familiar with the place.

If theres anything we needed to ask, there will be people who will help us.

After all, not everyone is so rude.

There are still many people who are very friendly.

But in front of everyone else, there was really no one who spoke up for us.”

Sun Mengying said, “But I think this is fine.

After all, this is our own matter.

We can solve it ourselves.

We cant possibly rely on others for help or to protect us even over such a small matter.”

Lu Man smiled and said, “Then among those who treated you guys nicely in private, was Oren included”

Sun Mengying was stunned for a moment before she said, “No, actually.

But we arent able to interact with him usually.”

But Tan Mingxiao had already reacted and said, “We arent able to interact with him, but he can always interact with us.

Like just now, when Lu Man was having a quarrel with Howard, didnt Oren come out and stop him

“He even gave his contact to Lu Man just now, saying she could look for him for all matters.

But before then, has he ever done such a thing We dont need him to speak up for us, but did he ever say hi to us in a friendly way or give a greeting Theres no need for him to even say much like he did just then.”

Tan Mingxiao said, “Im not saying that he should have helped us, that he did wrong by simply not doing so.

No such obligation exists.

If he helped us, we would have been grateful.

If he didnt, we dont have any right to resent him either.

But Oren didnt step forward previously.

He only appeared in front of Lu Man, which shows that he isnt as friendly as he appears to be.”

Lu Man nodded.

“This is what I mean.

If hes really that friendly, he wouldnt have waited until now.”

Sun Mengying and the others finally understood, and the good impression they had of Oren instantly dissipated.

“So, we should still be cautious.

Dont believe him so easily,” Guo Hai said.

“Who knows what on earth hes really thinking”

Sun Mengying thought about it.

She felt that Oren might be interested in Lu Man.

But she did not dare to say it out loud.

Lu Man was Han Zhuolis wife, after all.

Anyway, this was just a thought she had.

Actually, even she herself felt that it was quite implausible.

After all, they had just met for the first time.

It could not possibly be something as ridiculous as love at first sight.

How could there be so many dramatic things in real life

Hence, Sun Mengying cast this thought aside once it crossed her mind and did not say anything.

On his side, Oren sat down beside Albertine.

Beside Albertine sat their other teammate, Helena.

Helena liked Oren.

This was something everyone knew.

Helena did not intend to hide it either.

But Oren was not interested in Helena and did not accept her pursuit.

Their views were quite liberal though.

Even though Helena liked Oren, she did not stop dating other people, and she would often date some men who caught her eye.

Even with Oren, although the two of them were not lovers, they were still friends with benefits.

Of course, it wasnt a regular thing.

Although Oren was not interested in her, she did not mind having a soulless interaction with him, so Oren naturally would not reject either.

But Oren was also worried that if it happened too many times, it would make Helena forget her place and blur the lines between their relationship.

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