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Chapter 2326: If You Lose, You Kneel

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But Han Leilei was also worried and nervous for Lu Man.

Previously, when Lu Man had just entered the National Film Academy, shed also made a bet against Zhang Xiaoying and other people.

But they were all girls and were classmates, so the bets did not go overboard.

At most, whoever lost would be more polite to the winner after that.

There was never anything like what Howard wanted.

He actually wanted the person to kneel down and slap herself!

Who would be able to stand losing that much dignity

And Howard actually wanted to put Lu Man, a girl, into such a difficult spot.

She felt before that he was just arrogant and had low EQ.

But now, she was simply disgusted by him!

Even Howards classmates felt that Howard was being too much like this.

In the past, when Howard and the others mocked Han Leilei and the rest, no one ever stood up for them.

But this time, someone could not help but say, “Howard, isnt this a little too much No matter what, theres no need for her to go down on her knees and slap herself.

Its just a bit of conflict.”

Howard scoffed and said, “She suggested this herself.

Since she dares to court her own death, how can I not grant her wish”

Shana frowned.

“Howard, where did your gentlemanly attitude go”

Must he push a girl like Lu Man into a corner like this

And Howard was also being unreasonable.

Even Shana could not stand it.

“My gentlemanly attitude is not for this woman.” Other people felt that Howard was being unreasonable, but Howard thought he was being quite reasonable.

“I want to let her know that to be arrogant, you must have the capability in the first place.” Howard pointed at Lu Man as he said that.

Lu Man was completely annoyed now.

“Right back at you.”

“Exactly!” Han Leilei added.

“As if you werent arrogant even before you lost that previous competition.

In the end, though, after all your arrogance, you still lost.

You lost the competition, yet youre still being arrogant even before competing now.

What right do you have to call Lu Man arrogant”


Just who is the one being arrogant now” Zhou Li said.

Lu Man did not give Howard a chance to speak and just said, “You want me to go down on my knees and slap myself to apologize after I lose Sure.

But you have to do the same.

I dont need you to be any more respectful to us after that, or stop saying nasty things in front of us.

I only ask that you similarly kneel before me and slap yourself twice, then say that you wont dare to be arrogant anymore in the future.

“And it will be in front of everyone,” Lu Man said.

“Of course, the same goes for me.

If I lose, I will say these in front of everyone too.”

Lu Man did not ask for Howard to become more respectful or anything after he lost.

Because kneeling down in front of everyone and slapping yourself was a very disgraceful thing to begin with.

If not carefully dealt with, it would become a trauma for a lifetime.

After suffering such a huge loss, even if she did not ask it of Howard, he would not have the gall to be arrogant in front of them anymore from then on.

“Fine!” Howard agreed without even thinking at all.

If this was another time, when Lu Man was being so confident, the other party would have to think about it no matter what.

Why would Lu Man agree to such a bet so easily if she was not confident about it

But he was surrounded by a crowd of onlookers right now, so Howard had been pressured until he had no chance of backtracking.

Even if he wanted to go back on his word, there was no chance of it anymore.

And Lu Man would definitely not give him that chance either.

He had such a great time provoking her, and hed provoked her all the way until he ended up in this situation.

How could Lu Man let him off

Seeing that both Howard and Lu Man had agreed, there was not much left for others to say.

But Han Leilei could not help but hold on to Lu Mans elbow the entire time in worry.

At this moment, Howell walked over.

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