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Chapter 2328: Would Not Look Good

“Shanas performance was not bad.

You left a very big space for your opponent with an awareness that you had to cooperate with each other,” Howell said.

“But as the opponent whos paired with Shanas role, Luca, you completely didnt seem like you wanted to cooperate at all.

She cooperated with you, but you treated both your roles as your own individual performance.

For this performance, you failed.

Shana gets an A.”

Shana smiled in relief while Lucas expression darkened.

Howell was also telling the students that he had a set of scales in his heart and did not need them to present themselves in an exaggerated manner.

As long as they settled down and acted their parts well, he would see it.

Howell gave feedback to everyone, one by one.

When he spoke to the exchange students, Howell even gave them encouragement.

“You all did very well.

Compared to when you all just came in, the improvement is significant.

But you all still have a big room for improvement, so dont stop here.” After Howell pointed out each students flaws in their performance, he then encouraged them.

“Han Leilei got an A, Zhang Xiaoying an A, Zhou Li a B …” Howell gave their marks one by one.

The worst also got above a B.

Someone asked, “Professor Howell, although theyve improved, their performance still lags behind others by a lot.

How can they get such a good grade like an A At least with Han Leilei and Zhang Xiaoying, when compared to Shana, they still have much to improve on.”

Howell did not get angry and patiently explained, “Capability is one part of it, but the students improvement also has to be taken into consideration.

If they can improve, it shows that they are working hard and have taken in whatever I said to them previously.

In their performance this time around, theyd corrected all the flaws that I pointed out to them before.

Even if there were new flaws, it still showed that theyd listened to my words and tried to overcome their flaws.

“Compared to when they just came, their improvement is very big.

Even if they cant compare to Shana now, given the margin of their improvement, sooner or later, they will be able to catch up to Shana.

If you guys dont work as hard as them, always thinking that they cant compare to you, then the day will come when they will exceed you all.

“No matter how their performance was like today, their hard work deserves the grades they got now.

Moreover, their performance today was quite good as well,” Howell said.

His words made other students who had doubts in their hearts unable to speak.

Han Leilei and the others exchanged glances, and all saw the excitement in each others eyes.

Their improvement had been acknowledged, and their hard work had reaped rewards.

Although they still could not compare to Shana and the others, at least their gap was narrowing.

Someone acknowledged their hard work, their efforts, which was what made them the happiest about.

And their efforts had really reaped rewards because they had improved!

Lu Man was also happy for them.

The result of the exchange competition was not that important.

Perhaps it did concern their schools reputations.

But in fact, they lost every year, so even if they lost once again this time, the loss to them really would not be very big actually.

In contrast, Howard and the others treated the result of this competition more seriously.

It was precisely because they had never lost before that, all the more, they needed to maintain their standard.

Once they lost, they would feel extremely embarrassed.

The previous time, for instance, after their exchange students went over to the National Film Academy and lost so badly, they kept getting mocked by others after they returned.

The pressure that they were under was actually equally high.

They could not lose.

If they lost, it would not look good.

And Lu Man and the others did not have such huge pressure on them.

It would certainly be good if they won, but losing was not such a serious matter for them.

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