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Chapter 2330: A

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Howards face reddened immensely.

He actually failed!

He was aiming for an A!

Howells grading had always been strict, so he had never given an A .

Hence, A was the highest.

Howard was aiming for the highest grade to begin with!

As hed lost badly at the National Film Academy, hed always felt that it was because his mentality had been affected, which had nothing to do with his real capability.

Before Lu Man came, his performance had also been quite normal the entire time.

Hence, hed summoned all his energies just to win against Lu Man.

Alas, thought hed finally got such a chance, he failed!

Howards face turned beet red as he clenched his fists tightly.

Everyone knew that the results of Howards competition with Lu Man had already been revealed.

Howells feedback for Lu Man was so good, so Lu Man would probably get an A too.

Even if she did not, she would not fail at least.

Anyway, she would surely score higher than Howard.

“Scarlett and Lu Man had cooperated with each other and accommodated each other.

This is very rare to come by.

But at the start, when Scarlett first stepped on stage, her emotions were not quite there yet, so she did not manage to link the previous scene very well with the present, causing a bit of an awkward break, but it was not too obvious.

So, Scarlett gets an A,” Howell said.

“Scarlett, look back and think about your performance when you first came up on stage, see if you can find a better way to perform.”

“Yes.” Scarlett could not hide her excitement.

This was the best grade she had achieved this semester.

Scarlett knew that it was Lu Man who led her along to make her performance flow even more smoothly.

Because when she first entered the stage, without Lu Man leading her along, her performance there had not been that good.

But as her interaction with Lu Man started, she got led along better and better by Lu Man.

That was why she could have such good results now.

Scarlett was also very grateful to Lu Man.

Hence, she gave Lu Man a grateful smile.

“Lu Man, you made no mistakes at all during the whole performance and could cooperate with good chemistry with your partner actor.

Its just that you still lack a bit of the emotions necessary for a Shakespearean play.

Of course, this is not something that a newcomer actor can achieve.

It requires many years of stage performance experience, as well as thorough examination and mastery of theatrics.” Or else, there would not be so few of those renowned Shakespearean play actors.

This was not something that could be achieved overnight.

“I look forward to you putting on an even more mature performance.

As you grow older and develop a different interpretation of the play, you will gain a different understanding of it and perform it in a different way,” Howell said.

“This time, I give you an A .”

Lu Mans performance this time had made Howell change his impression of her.

At first, hed felt that Lu Man became arrogant and conceited because shed achieved some results, but that, actually, her true capability might not be that good.

But now, at least for her current age, or even if she were ten years older, her acting was really very outstanding.

What Lu Man needed now was more experience performing.

That, and a deep understanding of each individual character, as well as the different methods of acting.

Actually, those were things that could not be addressed in just a few classes.

Hence, Howell changed his earlier impression of Lu Man.

But when Howell gave her an A , it still made everyone shocked.

This was the first time Howell had given an A grade!

It was not that hed never given it before, but it was a very rare occurrence.

But for their batch, this was truly the first time!

Yet this first time was actually given to an outsider!

“Professor Howell, according to your feedback to Lu Man, she still has room for improvement.

Then why did you give her an A ” someone asked.

“Do you think A is considered full marks” Howell asked.

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