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Chapter 2333: Knees Landed on the Floor!

“We do have to show them as well that we are not people to be easily bullied,” Zhou Li chimed in.

Wu Zilin said in frustration, “Great.

Every one of you is saying the same thing, and now Ive become the bad guy who ruined our teams unity.

Fine, I wont say it.

Im just thinking of our relations.

Since you all think its fine, why should I bother stepping up to say this”

Wu Zilin looked really annoyed, but he did not say anything more.

Lu Man saw the rest of them chattering in hushed tones over there, but she could not hear clearly what exactly they were saying.

Lu Man only gave a cursory glance over there and retracted her gaze, saying to Howard, “Just do it right now.

Since everyone is here, you can even let everyone be your witness.

After today, we might not have eyewitnesses anymore, so nothing could be guaranteed.

That wont do.”

Lu Man was clearly saying that she wanted to prevent him from acting as if the bet had never happened.

“We agreed on it just now.

Whoever loses will go down on their knees to apologize and slap him or herself twice.” Lu Man did not intend to let Howard off at all.

“My grade is A while you failed.

Everyone is here now, so I think they can tell who lost and who won.”

Howard clenched his teeth and gave a cursory glance across the surroundings.

The students he knew were all there, but not a single one stood out to speak up for him.

Even Leo, who was on great terms with him usually, was now standing behind the crowd, pretending as if he was invisible.

“Since you agreed to the bet, you must accept the loss.” Lu Man sputtered out a laugh.

“Dont tell me youre thinking of reneging”

Howard did not speak a word.

But his silence was akin to admission.

But Lu Man would not let him off just because of this.

“Just now, you were the one who suggested this bet first.

I didnt provoke you, you came to provoke me on your own.

If I were the one whod lost, right now, would you let me off and just let it be You are quite self-righteous when it comes to bullying women, eh”

Lu Man sputtered out a laugh.

“Well, now you lost.”

She raised her eyebrow and said, “Just kneel down.”

Howard: “…”

He hesitated and glanced at the surroundings, but no one spoke up for him.

Professor Howell, who was the judge of the day, had already left.

At such a moment, just like Guo Hai and the others concerned, no student from the acting class would stand out to speak up for Howard at such a moment, because that would be even more embarrassing.

In the same vein, there was no one who persuaded Howard to honor his word and quickly kneel down.

That was the same logic as Wu Zilin persuading Lu Man to let Howard off.

Everyone did not speak a word but did not leave either.

They just crowded around to watch.

Anyway, there was no other class using this small theater room afterward, so it would be left empty.

But this to Howard was a form of silent pressure.

It forced Howard to a dead end, making him unable to escape at all.

And Lu Man, she did not have any intention of going easy on him at all.

Her expression was cold, and she was emotionless as she stood there waiting.

Everyone saw that Lu Man was clearly much shorter than Howard and clearly had to tilt her head up to look at him.

But she just made one feel that she was much taller than Howard.

Howard clenched his teeth hard, his eyes turning red from anger and hatred.

He finally bent his knees.

His knees even trembled a little.

Finally, his knees landed on the floor!

Even though they knew that Lu Man would not let him off easily and that Howard would not be able to avoid kneeling down, when they saw the moment that Howard knelt down, everyone still could not help but gasp.

Howard actually really knelt down!

Howard was so arrogant and obnoxious usually.

As his classmates, they felt it even more than Lu Man and the others.

Being made to kneel like this today would be enough to make Howard hate Lu Man to his guts.

“We said it before.

The person who lost, on top of kneeling, also promised that they wont be arrogant in front of the other party anymore,” Lu Man said.

“You have to promise that you wont ever behave arrogantly in front of me and my classmates next time.”

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