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Chapter 2336: Misunderstanding

When Wu Zilin came in, Howard had already finished slapping himself and was about to rush out.

As Howard passed by him, Wu Zilins mouth twitched, but he eventually said, “Sorry.

Lu Man was too overbearing.”

His voice wasnt loud, and as he was at the entrance and there wasnt anyone there, no one else except Howard had heard him.

Wu Zilin thought that he meant well, but Howard obviously was not appreciative.

When Howard turned around to look at Wu Zilin, the latter was really frightened by his look.

He saw that Howards eyes were bloodshot, and that look of viciousness on his face looked like he wanted to eat him up.

He simply did not appreciate Wu Zilins “good intentions.”

“Dont act like you didnt receive any benefits!” Howard furiously and softly said as he stared at Wu Zilin with bloodshot eyes.

Without turning his head, he ran out.

Although no one had heard what Wu Zilin told Howard, seeing that Howard had left so furiously, they thought that Wu Zilin did not say anything good to him.

If someone could roughly guess what Wu Zilin had really said, it would have to be Guo Hai.

From Wu Zilins attitude just now, he could guess that he had definitely gone to apologize to him.

He was really foolish to be acting like a good person at this time!

Just when Guo Hai had this thought, he heard someone say, “You guys are not being gracious.

Howard already lost.

Why do you still want to ridicule him”

When Howard was leaving, no one had spoken to him.

Only Wu Zilin had talked to him.

Hence, the opposite party was definitely referring to Wu Zilin.

Wu Zilin felt confused for a moment and felt that he was being wronged.

“I didnt… ”

“Howard made the mistake first.

He was too arrogant and had made things difficult for Lu Man.

And even though he had lost, he still didnt want to be accountable for it.

Hence, none of us had helped to speak up for him.

But he had already completed the bet yet you still wanted to ridicule him Thats not being gracious.”

“I didnt!” Wu Zilin said.

When Guo Hai saw the situation, he hurriedly said, “Its our teammate who has lacked consideration.


As Guo Hai spoke, he hurriedly threw a glance at Lu Man.

Although Lu Man was talking to Howard just now, she had also noticed Guo Hai and Wu Zilin going out.

Hence, she knew that Wu Zilin might have met with some issues.

Lu Man also said, “Sorry.

This wasnt our original intention.

I apologize on behalf of my teammates recklessness.”

The crowd also indeed saw that no one else had moved when Howard left.

Only that Wu Zilin had had contact with Howard.

Hence, they really couldnt blame Lu Man and the others.

There were naturally all kinds of people.

Didnt Howard from their side also make them feel so ashamed

Hence, they did not say anything further.

Actually, this was also because they admired Lu Mans capabilities.

They saw her as someone from the same class.

In addition, when Lu Man was performing just now, she could put aside her personal grievances and act with Scarlett.

Her professional attitude had also earned the respect of the crowd.

A powerhouse could always earn respect anywhere.

Hence, this matter, which would have triggered a conflict if it were in the past, silently subsided.

“Lets go first,” Lu Man said.

To avoid Wu Zilin saying something again.

“Alright.” Tan Mingxiao nodded.

He vigilantly went to stand together with Guo Hai as he planned to respond to Wu Zilin any time.

At this moment, he also saw Wu Zilin as a hindrance to their team.

He really had to keep an eye on him at all times.

Otherwise, he wouldnt know when he would do something ridiculous again.

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