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Chapter 2343: Do You Have the Final Say

“Anyway, I wont be satisfied with anyone else except Lu Man as the team leader after today,” Xu Chuansheng said.

Han Leilei, Sun Mengying, and the others also expressed themselves and acknowledged Lu Man as the team leader.

Even Zhou Li also said the same thing.

Although Zhou Li and Wu Zilin were classmates from the same class, she did not support Wu Zilin.

This made him extremely angry.

This also showed that Lu Mans capabilities were the best.

She was not only good at acting, but she was also capable in other areas.

With regards to handling matters, she was more decisive and reacted faster than them.

It was perfect for Lu Man to be the team leader.

The people who did not have any contact with Lu Man previously found this to be especially true.

After looking at Lu Mans capabilities and her way of handling matters up-close, they had to admit that there was indeed a big gap between Lu Man and themselves.

If Lu Man was excluded, their standards were probably more or less the same.

Any one of them who led the team would make the others feel unconvinced.

But now, they were convinced by Lu Man.

Seeing that the rest of them were actually supportive of Lu Man, Wu Zilin panicked a little.

“Do you have the final say with regards to the matter of switching out a student This not only concerns our side, but it also requires the consent of New York University,” Wu Zilin said.

“Its not so troublesome.” Lu Man was relaxed as she spoke.

She did not think that this was a problem at all.

“Actually, the school on our side doesnt mind who they send over.

If you dont believe me, you can go and stand in front of the school leaders now and see if they know who you are.”

Lu Mans words fully showed that Wu Zilin was an insignificant person.

Wu Zilins expression changed.

He did not look as calm as just now.

The suspicion on his face had obviously faded.

Lu Man continued to say, “Before I came, you all should have been advised by your respective school leaders and teachers.

You should know how much everyone wants to win this time, especially after experiencing the arrogance of the people from Howards team previously and obtaining the first victory after so many years.

Everyone has greater expectations for the competition this time.

“Although theres no order for us to win, we also dont wish to lose while facing these expectations.

Even the school leaders from the four schools have put their earlier competitiveness aside for this competition,” Lu Man said.

“They have done so in order to win.

Or even if we lose, perhaps they want us to lose beautifully and make the opposite party have a difficult win.

They want us to strive for our countrys entertainment industry, and they will absolutely not allow anyone in our team to be disloyal and destroy our unity,” Lu Man coldly said.

“Im not!” Wu Zilin hurriedly said.

“Im not disloyal! I also meant well for our team and the schools that we represent!

“You cant say that Im disloyal because my thoughts are different from yours!” Wu Zilin was flustered and exasperated.

“So Ill need your answer now,” Lu Man said.

“If you want to have peace of mind and stay on, youll have to put away those active thoughts and listen to other peoples advice.

When many people tell you that something is not appropriate, you can insist on your own thoughts, but please wait a moment before doing so.

“If something like what happened today happens again, Ill definitely report back to the country.

If you think that Im not right and the others are unwilling to express how they really feel because they want to help me, then Ill let your school leaders judge whether your action is appropriate.

At that point, you can forget about staying on the team.

“But if you disagree with me now and insist on your point of view, then I can go back and report it now,” Lu Man said.

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