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Chapter 2360: Was There Something Wrong with Him

“My husband and family call me Man Man, but only they can call me this.

If other people, especially people of the opposite sex, call me this, it will cause a misunderstanding.

In order to avoid such misunderstandings, itll be better for you to use my full name.

“Furthermore, I dont think that theres anything wrong with the way you pronounce Lu Man.

Its quite pleasant to hear.” What pleasant to hear She only said this to dispel Orens thoughts.

Even though Lu Man was already quite slow in the area of relationship, after being with Han Zhuoli, and especially after their marriage, she had no more desires for anything and lived peacefully.

She had also never worried about her and Han Zhuoli having any bad relationship problems.

As she had such a good husband, she was very contented.

With Han Zhuoli present, she simply could not look at other men and also did not want to look at them.

It was to the extent that her emotional nerves had completely degenerated on matters besides Han Zhuoli.

However, even though Lu Man was slow, she was still able to tell at this moment.

Oren wanted to pick her up.

This person is crazy.

Why does he want to pick up a married woman

Many people, including people far from here, knew about her marriage with Han Zhuoli as they were both in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, Han Zhuoli was known here.

Hence, everyone knew that she and Han Zhuoli were husband and wife.

But Oren still used this trick.

Was there something wrong with him

However, he had only tried to pick her up and did not say anything clearly.

It was also not nice for Lu Man to be so straightforward and reject him.

She could only intentionally keep a distance from him.

Han Leilei, who was at the side, also helped to speak up for Lu Man.

“Yes, you say her name quite well.

I feel that your calling her Lu Man directly is pleasant to hear.

Whether it is Lu or Man, it sounds even stranger.”

Oren felt oppressed in his heart but he still had to maintain a smile on the surface.

“Alright, Ill call you Lu Man,” Oren said, maintaining his smile.

When they reached the entrance, Lu Man saw Xiao Guo waiting in front of the car.

When they came here, Han Zhuoli also brought Xiao Chen and Xiao Guo over.

Han Zhuoling had also brought along Xiao Zhang and separately assigned a driver to Shi Xiaoya.

Lin Liye and Shen Nuo directly used the same chauffeur as the two elders.

This was because they had come here to play.

Hence, they would do everything together.

On the other hand, Shi Xiaoya had to work.

Hence, Han Zhuoling specifically gave her a chauffeur to pick her up from and send her to work.

This was also the case for Lu Man.

Wang Juhuai had brought Wei Zhong along.

Han Leilei also knew Xiao Guo.

When she saw Xiao Guo, she knew that Oren did not have a chance now.

Hence, she bid farewell to Lu Man.

Lu Man said to Oren, “Someones here to pick me up.

Ill get going now.


Oren took a glance and wanted Lu Man to give him a ride so that he could get close to her.

But the thought of that person who was definitely sent by Han Zhuoli made him dispel the thought.

He could only watch helplessly as Lu Man got into the car and left.

Xiao Guo did not ask unnecessarily about Oren.

He said, “Young Master Han sent me here to wait for you.

After youve finished work, he wants me to bring you to the company to look for him.”

Lu Man thought for a while.

There was still some time left before Han Zhuoli clocked out of work.

Hence, she said, “Lets go somewhere first before going to the company.”

The place that Lu Man wanted to go to was Broadway Avenue.

She wanted to look for Robert and Hayer.

Back in the National Film Academy, Robert and Hayer had given her their name cards before they left.

They had also told her the name of the theater they were from.

Actually, Lu Man could call Robert first.

But since she had come, it would be polite and sincere for her to personally meet up with them.

Although Lu Man did not know whether Robert and Hayer were at the theater, she decided to try her luck and widen her knowledge at the same time.

Speaking of Broadway, it was actually located on a long street on Manhattan island.

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