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Chapter 2362: Do as the Natives Do

The opposite party glanced at the time.

“Its almost their break time.

Theres roughly another ten minutes more.”

Lu Man understood him and said, “Ill sit here and wait for a while.

Thank you for bringing me over.

Sorry to have disturbed you.”

“No problem.

If theres nothing else, Ill go back to work,” the opposite party said.

He had just finished speaking when someones voice was heard.

“Lu Man”

The two of them looked back together and saw Hayer walking over.

The staff member then greeted Hayer.

Lu Man also quickly got up.

“I saw you just now, but I wasnt certain.

I was wondering why you would appear here and thought that I had recognized the wrong person.

I didnt expect that it would really be you,” Hayer said, smiling.

Following that, he hugged Lu Man warmly.

It was very common for the people here to greet one another in such a warm manner.

Lu Man was also not coy and did what the natives do.

“The four performing schools in our country have selected ten people to form a team of exchange students to come to New York University to study.

Im one of them.

However, as I just got married, I did not follow the team over.

My husband had settled his work in the country and followed me over this time,” Lu Man explained.

When that staff member saw that Hayer and Lu Man knew each other and that they looked so warm with each other, he was even more certain that Lu Mans relationship with Robert was good.

He also did not immediately leave when he saw Hayer.

When he heard Lu Man say this, he said with surprise, “Youre actually married! Are you an adult”

As Lu Man had a small frame and did not put on make up, she really looked like a minor to them.

Lu Man was slightly embarrassed.

“Im already 24.”

“Oh gosh, I really couldnt tell,” the opposite party said with surprise.

“Asian girls like you all really look very young.

I completely cant tell your age.”

“Ha ha ha, so why did you come here” Hayer asked.

“I just reported to school today.

I was also thinking that since Im already here, Ill have to see you and Robert.

Furthermore, I indeed have a matter to ask if you have the time,” Lu Man said.

While they were talking, Roberts side had finished rehearsing and they were going to have a break.

Upon seeing that, Hayer shouted as he waved to Robert, who was preparing to go backstage.

“Robert, look, see whos here!”

When Robert heard Hayer, he looked over.

He saw Lu Man from far and was surprised and happy.

He immediately got down from the stage and smiled as he ran toward this side.

“Lu Man!” Robert shouted with surprise and gave Lu Man a big hug.

When the staff member who previously brought Lu Man over saw this, he knew that his earlier judgment was right.

The relationship between Robert and Lu Man was indeed very good.

Lu Man also didnt expect to meet Robert more than once.

Robert had left after being a judge.

But after meeting Robert again, she actually did not feel unfamiliar with him at all.

Instead, she felt even more joyful.

This was probably that legendary sense of feeling like theyre old friends at the first meeting.

“I didnt expect you to really come.” Robert was so happy that he could not close his mouth.

Lu Man said, “I even bought tickets forPhantom of the Opera tonight.

I saw that youre performing.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Robert laughed loudly.

“This is a drama that Ive acted in for many years.

Besides feeling nervous the first time I went on stage, I never felt nervous ever since.

But I suddenly feel very nervous knowing that you are watching the performance tonight.

Im very afraid that I wont act well and disappoint you.”

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