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Chapter 2363: You Are Treating Yourself as an Outsider

“Please dont say this.” Lu Man smiled and said, “I dont believe that you wont act well.”

Robert looked at the time and said, “It happens to be mealtime now.

Come, lets go have a meal and slowly chat.”

“You have a performance tonight, so youll have to protect your voice.

Can you just eat anything” Lu Man asked.

She had also acted in stage plays before and was aware of this.

Stage actors were very protective of their own voices.

“I cant really eat.

I can only have some light vegetables.

But its not a problem to see you all eat,” Robert said.

“Better not.

Why dont we have a good chat after your performance tonight” Lu Man smiled and said, “I bought two tickets.

Ill be attending with my husband.”

Hayer also waved the ticket in his hand.

“Ive also bought a ticket.”

Hayer was not taking part in “The Phantom of the Opera.” As he did not have other repertoires tonight and was free, he wanted to come over and watch Roberts performance.

Robert smiled as he complained, “The two of you have a way to contact me.

If you want to watch the performance, I could have given you all tickets.

Why do you need to buy them”


Lu Man said that she had come over to ask if we have any spare time,” Hayer said.

“Whats the matter”

“Its like this.

Our student exchange team has come over to study.

Therell be an exchange competition in one week.

However, we are unable to find any teacher whos willing to help us rehearse,” Lu Man said.

“Hence, I wanted to ask you two whether you have any spare time.

If you have no time, do you know of any stage actor who is free to help us”

When she saw Roberts rehearsal just now, she felt that Robert and Hayer were probably very busy.

“Its a small matter.” Hayer waved his hand.

“My play had just ended yesterday.

I dont have any performances this week, so I can help you all rehearse.”

Robert also smiled and said, “Me too.

After tonights performance, therell only be another round next week.

If it clashes with my rehearsal, both Hayer and I can stagger our timing to help you all rehearse.”

Lu Man didnt expect Robert and Hayer to agree so readily.

These two people were god-level figures on the Broadway stage.

“Thank you.

Thank you so much!” Lu Man was grateful and touched.

“I… I dont know what to say.

I dont know how to show you both my gratitude.”

She originally thought that if she could have Robert recommend an experienced stage actor, one who did not have to be famous, to help guide them, it was already sufficient.

However, she didnt expect Robert and Hayer to agree to personally guide them so directly and forthrightly.

They did not even ask about the details like the students situation, capabilities, and standards, etc.

They had agreed just like that.

“Hey, you are treating yourself as an outsider,” Robert said.

“This is also not a big matter.

Instead, I want to complain.

If not for this matter that you require our help with, were you not planning to come and look for us”

“No!” Lu Man hurriedly waved her hand to deny it.

“I originally wanted to come and look for you both, and it so happened that I have this matter too.

I also thought that it would be too insincere to talk to you through the phone.

Hence, I came over to take a look first.

Even if you two were not around, its also good for me to come and enrich my knowledge.”

“Hahaha, Im kidding,” Robert said.

“After my performance tonight, well look for a cafeteria and slowly talk about the details.

Its common for the people here to have dinner later, especially those people who come here to watch performances.

They like to have drinks after watching the performances.

Hence, the cafeterias nearby are open until very late.”

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