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Chapter 2367: Shouldnt You Feed Me

He did not make Lu Man feel displeased about any aspect of her married life.

Actually, she thought that with marriage, her life had become even more complete and wonderful.

Most importantly, she only had him as her husband in her eyes, so she would not be able to receive any signals from other men.

The last point was the point that made Han Zhuoli the happiest.

Han Zhuoli then caressed Lu Man thoroughly.

Lu Man suddenly got carried up by him.

When he turned, she felt that everything around her was spinning.

After a few seconds, she was placed on the office desk that was originally behind Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli placed his long arms on both sides of her body on the office desk, trapping her in between.

“What do you want to eat tonight” Han Zhuoli asked in a low, joking voice.

His unhappiness just now had been cast aside.

But his expression made Lu Man think that he was actually saying, “I want to eat you tonight.”

“How about we go and eat hotpot” Lu Man asked.

“I am sick of eating Western food here, it feels horrible.”

Lu Man really pined for Chinese food now.

Spicy and sour noodles, sweet and sour pork, handmade noodles, skewers, snail rice noodles, and even pickled vegetables, beef noodles, and Lao Gan Ma chili, she missed all of them.

But the Chinese food here was really not nice to eat.

To cater to the taste buds of the locals, the taste was completely different from authentic Chinese food.

And the dishes were the same few ones.

Governor Tsos chicken was even a dish that had never been heard of before in the country, and it was completely not to her liking.

So now, Lu Man really missed the rich flavors of her country.

“Okay,” Han Zhuoli agreed with a smile.

He packed his files and brought Lu Man to eat hotpot.

At the mention of hotpot, one had to talk about Yan Beicheng, the glutton.

As he loved to eat Chongqing hotpot, he just opened his own hotpot store in the country.

And started a restaurant chain that could not be stopped.

Then, he opened a hotpot restaurant overseas.

According to Yan Beicheng, he simply wanted to let all his fellow compatriots abroad be able to eat authentic local flavors.

Hence, even if he had opened a hotpot restaurant overseas, he never intended to adjust to local taste buds and make any changes to the taste.

Yan Beichengs original words were, “I opened it for Chinese nationals.

If the others cant stand it, then they shouldnt eat it.

Why should we make our fellow compatriots taste buds suffer just because of them”

Hence, no matter where, Yan Beichengs hotpot restaurant was super authentic.

Although in some places, business was not as good as a result, Yan Beicheng said, “Your brother can afford the loss.”

The hotpot restaurant Han Zhuoli and Lu Man went to was a hotpot restaurant Yan Beicheng had opened in New York.

The two of them ordered the classic yuan yang pot.

Although Lu Man liked spicy food, she could not stand putting all the vegetables into the pot filled with chili oil, which would make the vegetables extremely spicy.

Lu Man picked up a slice of beef from the pot of chili oil.

The moment she put it in her mouth, the fragrant and rich spiciness instantly spread in her mouth, filling it up.

She could finally have a taste of her hometown, which made Lu Man so touched that she almost cried.

Lu Man could not help but close her eyes in satisfaction and even smiled.

“It tastes so good!” Lu Man said in satisfaction.

“I really have to thank Yan Beicheng for opening such an authentic hotpot restaurant here.”

“Why dont you thank me whove brought you here to eat hotpot” Han Zhuoli was jealous.

“You are my husband.

Shouldnt you feed me” Lu Man said very naturally.

Han Zhuoli thought she was right too.

She would only thank Yan Beicheng because she was not close to him.

Thinking about that made Han Zhuoli feel very good.

The two of them chatted happily, feeling content with the authentic flavor of this hometown dish.

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